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Sunday 02 December 2012 – The loss of yet another revolutionary

It is sad that there are so many individuals and groups that are talented in their own right ¬†and that sincerely wish to change our current global situation have been ignored by the masses for far too long… Our current … Continue reading

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Saturday 10 November 2012 – We have the technology, we have the answers…

Deep seated, multifaceted cultural issues such as these require sincere contemplation and the application of enquiry. Why is it that technology and innovation such as this which addresses key ecological dilemmas our society faces today is plentiful and diverse, yet … Continue reading

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Tuesday 28 August 2012 – Another perspective

The article attached to this post explores some of the reasons for our current state of being and also observe action which is occurring to alleviate this imbalance and restore homeostasis within the context of a sociocultural sphere and an … Continue reading

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Monday 06 August 2012 – Easier said than done…

The article below represents a reality that is hidden behind a veil of ignorance. This ignorance is created purposely to deter the masses from the fact. These facts are simple: what we consume and digest is slowly killings rather than … Continue reading

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Wednesday 27 June 2012 – Adaption required!

Another example of the connectivity in thought required by governing systems. It is crucial that as a society we begin to place careful consideration towards the choices we make moving forward. Transport and energy are some of these areas that … Continue reading

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Sunday 03 June 2012 – A resource based economic model

An interesting article emphasising sound and practical transition options and pathways towards a resource based economic model. Most transitions towards difference in one way or another are not smooth. The main cause for this is that as people we have … Continue reading

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Sunday 20 May 2012 – Mercury: Its origin, use, causes & consequences

We continue to use well known and documented poisons to “fix” (in abbreviated commas because we actually do not fix but covertly perpetuate) our problems or to provide a solution to a need. We clearly have alternative sources of substance … Continue reading

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