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Thursday 01 January 2015 – Statera Podcast Interview

A look at introspection and expansion of our understanding of ourselves and the Universe within and around us. How cultural clutter can prevent us from going into deep introspection and retrospection which when it is practiced allows us to better understand ourselves and our individual roles in the collective and the collective itself. How Eastern and Western philosophies of the ‘self’ can be brought together to best help us individually. The biology of human beings and it’s role in the human collective. Finding a balance between the exponential growth in technology we’re going through and the fundamental biological necessities of being a human being. Leading on from there we delve into transhumanism and how that may help in our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional evolution. We look at alternative modes of economics, predominantly resource based economies. We also look at thinkers such as Dr John Demartini, Mark Pasio, Terence McKenna, Alan Watts and others. Continue reading

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Wednesday 09 July 2014 – The Labyrinth of Life interview

Please see below an interview with Kelly Sayers from Better Life Book store. Thank you to Kelly for taking the time to sit with me and speak about this journey… Enjoy the interview. With Gratitude, SS.

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Wednesday 01 January 2014 – Interview recording

I would graciously like to thank Kelly Sayers from kellysayers.com for the wonderful interview conducted recently. We discussed the origins of the inspiration for my latest book The Labyrinth of Life which you may obtain a copy of here. I am very … Continue reading

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Sunday 25 August 2013 – Compelling

It is paramount we understand the possible consequences of our actions. When we observe any given situation or cultural practice that is dominant within our society, we must ask the role it plays in benefiting humanity, the Earth and all … Continue reading

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Thursday 20 June 2013 – Multiverse…?

What is our reality and what does it represent? Can we answer deep philosophical questions via modalities of science? Does science play a part in our discovery of our spirituality? What role does spirituality and science play towards assisting us … Continue reading

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Monday 09 July 2012 – Adventures of an urban astrophysicist

One of the greatest minds of our time. The way in which Neil Tyson presents information is absorbable and enlightening. He is the modern Carl Sagan and engages his readers and viewers in such a way that truly allows the … Continue reading

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Saturday 29 October 2011 – A ‘normal’ society???

What defines ‘normal’ and what state of being must our society reach before changes are required in order to gain momentum towards a healthy, functioning paradigm? SS.

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