Thursday 07 May 2015 – Enlightenment

What is enlightenment? Is it an end state? Is it a state of being? Or rather, is enlightenment a process, a journey and unfolding of purity, truth, abundance and realisation that we are all connected, that we is really I, that they is really I, that all is really I and that I is really all…

Enlightenment is not something that appears to us after ‘years of practice…’ Enlightenment, is in fact, is an evolutionary process at every level of being and at every stage of becoming… We do not reach enlightenment, but rather unravel our existence and life around becoming enlightened and we become enlightened by paying careful attention to the entirety of our reality… This is the subtle distinction. Enlightenment in actuality occurs at multiple times during our existence – and whilst can be considered an end state by some, it is in actuality an evolving state of being, that is simply a part of all of existence.

Every time we stop to pay careful attention, with sincere intention to our lives, our behaviours, our interactions with self, others, etc we are enlightened. How we commonly understand enlightenment is that it is an end state, after much hard and diligent work we reach an enlightened state of being and in between is simply hard, focused work… Whilst there is great truth in this, this crowning event is not the entire picture and this aspect or spectrum of enlightenment is only actually one aspect to its entirety… Enlightenment is every moment. There is no backwards, only forwards. With this in mind, we are always enlightened; we just don’t pay enough attention to realise this…

It is of note to mention the importance of exposure to self and perspective here in this instance. It is when we observe our perspective of life, our actions, our thoughts, our deeds, our feelings and when we consciously make a choice to alter our perspectives to experience a differing reality that we actually grow and expand every facet of our being… This attitude or choice is enlightenment in and of itself… The only way to understand this is to rest in this space experientially and feel this shift and transformation…

Like much or all of existence, Universal principles are adhered to where life is present. The process of enlightenment is no different. Whilst part of the consideration of enlightenment is an end state of being, this can only occur with the value accumulated during a process of careful consideration, attentiveness, intention, practice and patience towards understand all the deepened aspects of self… As a seed passes through all the stages of its growth; from adjusting to its environment, to swelling in the ground, growing budding into the sprout, growing into a glorious plant, and eventually going through all these processes of leafing, flower formation and maturing until it culminates as an adult fully grown tree. Enlightenment is absolutely the same. Without the integral stages of growth, enlightenment can never occur. We place a great deal of value on the end state of being. What we must do to deeply understand ourselves and our lives is pay attention to every moment of our existence. It is this momentary awareness of self, this exploration of happenings that lead us to greater evolutions of gnosis, of self-love, of acceptance, of understanding our place in the vastness of the essence of life…

Enlightenment, in essence, is the ‘end-state’ of our existence. So when the time is ripe, when we are ripe, Enlightenment will arrive in to our consciousness – this can occur countless times through out our lives. But, it will only do so when we have progressed through each of our own personal stages of evolution and understand every stage along our development. Every individual is intrinsically different to the other – their teachings are different outwardly, their experiences different; yet are still deeply and profoundly connected by the fabric of our existence. That is love, that is growth, that is expansion in to who we have always known we are meant to be… And that is infinitesimally magnificent… SS.

The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos Sifandos

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