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Thursday 04 October 2012 – Meat the truth

An interesting documentary on the consumption of meat, its effects on society, our ┬ásociocultural norms, human health & wellbeing, socioeconomic measures and our natural ecology. Importantly it is understood that a large portion of human induced global warming is caused … Continue reading

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Monday 06 August 2012 – Easier said than done…

The article below represents a reality that is hidden behind a veil of ignorance. This ignorance is created purposely to deter the masses from the fact. These facts are simple: what we consume and digest is slowly killings rather than … Continue reading

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Sunday 29 July 2012 – A must read!

Deception is everywhere. If we step back briefly and ask ourselves why mass deception exist within our society the answer presents itself in various ways… To cut to the chase, its simple! Why are ‘consumers’ deceived? Why are we told … Continue reading

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Monday 19 September 2011 – Animal Agribusiness: A disgusting offshoot of our current economic paradigm…

Put simply, in the pursuit of monetary profit accompanied by greed, our food production practices which feeds so many privileged individuals is literally destroying us. Food, something that should enhance our existence and its nutrients which is to build our … Continue reading

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Wednesday 10 August 2011 – The control of food quality

Where are we heading as a society regarding the quality of our food and adequate food distribution? In this short documentary Alex Jones (a controversial figure) elaborates upon the additives and toxins embedded within so many of our processed foods. … Continue reading

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