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Monday 17 September 2012 – A narrow minded government

Is the Australian government alongside other ‘resource rich nations’ so narrow-minded and short sighted that they cannot contemplate the semi permanent effects these choices made today have on our connected future as a global society? In short the government (influenced by big … Continue reading

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Friday 24 August 2012 – At what cost???

How can we have such little foresight as species that we lack the intelligence to understand the importance and interconnected nature of our life sustaining ecosystems. In the pursuit of monetary wealth, an outdated cultural framework and profits we destroy … Continue reading

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Monday 06 August 2012 – Easier said than done…

The article below represents a reality that is hidden behind a veil of ignorance. This ignorance is created purposely to deter the masses from the fact. These facts are simple: what we consume and digest is slowly killings rather than … Continue reading

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