Saturday 10 November 2012 – We have the technology, we have the answers…

Deep seated, multifaceted cultural issues such as these require sincere contemplation and the application of enquiry. Why is it that technology and innovation such as this which addresses key ecological dilemmas our society faces today is plentiful and diverse, yet is ignored by the mainstream and oligopoly of the privatised sector? Do our governments not care? The answer is no, unfortunately our society values monetary profit far too much. It values profit maximisation over the intrinsic value of human wellbeing and environmental integrity.

These self perpetuating, self created system which are outdated and have been entrenched and engrained in our behavioural norms and sociocultural structures for many years are dictating how we live. This is inherently a detriment to our technological evolution and spiritual evolution as a humanity. If we can observe the interconnectedness of life we will then have the capacity and the will to elicit personal change. When we elicit this inwardly directed change of values the flow on effect to our social surroundings will be positive. Do not believe everything you are told. There ARE more efficient, more caring paths to take than the path our society is treading at the moment. Please make yourself aware of how this world culturally operates, eduction and awareness are key to equilibrium, equity and greater understanding of the overall picture… SS.

Please note that this particular technology is nearly 10 years old, in reality it would of been developed and available earlier than that…

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