Wednesday 27 June 2012 – Adaption required!

Another example of the connectivity in thought required by governing systems. It is crucial that as a society we begin to place careful consideration towards the choices we make moving forward. Transport and energy are some of these areas that require deep thought. Questions asked could revolve around the following:

1. What systems are currently in place?
2. Are these systems effective?
3. What are the consequences/effects (ecologically) of these current systems?
4. What are we fearful of?
5. What are the blockades stopping new systems being put in place?
6. If our current systems are not working why are we not changing them?

As a society it is time we took our lives back. Building bike paths and creating commuting ‘doable’ is more than just serving the interests of those who enjoy riding. This action is creating a culture and developing ideals that value not only healthy living but by action are against systems which have the by products of damaging our Earth. Think, reflect, feel. It will do us all good… SS.

If you build bike lanes, they will ride!

bike lanes

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1 Response to Wednesday 27 June 2012 – Adaption required!

  1. josephtotten says:

    so simple… make it easy and people will do it. Make it hard and people won’t.

    same thing goes for healthy eating and using public transport. people do it when it is easier than the alternative 🙂

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