Mental Resilience Conditioning – MRC Training

Mental resilience training is about asking some big questions of one’s self whilst undertaking intense physical training. At some level and perhaps multiple levels the training will be difficult. The difference is that what we will incorporate are techniques to increase mental toughness and psychological conditioning. This is largely done through query, mindfulness and attention to action, thought (self talk) and emotions whilst undertaking intense physical activity. This training effect and psychological mindfulness moves across all domains and areas of life in general not just physical training and exercise.

There are a number of paths to achieve mindfulness, greater insight in to one’s inner workings and strength & resilience in to one’s mind. One path is through the avenue of intense physical training or movement. This coupled with attentiveness, mindfulness in to specific areas of thought and strategic query has the potential to lead to greater awareness of self and greater levels of self realisation. This is important for the reality of life, for life is sporadic, unpredictable and can be extremely stressful. How we act/react in response to specific situations has the potential to shape our behaviours, ultimate character types and progressive evolution. Physical intensity training can actually mimic a condition that represents ‘real life’ discomfort and duress as can (often) be experienced in every day living. Intensity training does this by placing the body under extreme stress and mental and physical discomfort which immediately affects one’s mental and emotional state. Emotions are how we connect with ourselves and with others so it is imperative there is integrity present at all times. One way to achieve this is to train yourself to understand yourself. It is here at this point where it is crucial that one must reflect diligently and with careful awareness in to one’s thoughts, their current physical state, their feelings and their general state of awareness.

If this process is executed with care, calmness and greater repetition one may have the ability to know oneself deeper and with greater clarity. This coupled with sincere post reflective activity will continue to contribute to a deeper understanding of self and one’s surroundings. This entire process must be embraced with patience and an understanding of timeliness must also be undertaken. This means the comprehension that life sometimes takes time to adjust, understand and evolve…

There are two primary avenues to take with mindfulness and intense physical training.

1. Long enduring intensity based training and movement presents the opportunity to look deep within ourselves. It is not easy to endure high levels of pain over long periods of time. It is here that the mind engages in very interesting thoughts. If we have the focus to look deep within ourselves it can be highly beneficial. Extreme levels of discomfort and uneasiness have the potential to be amazing teachers of the relational self.

2. Short – high powered output based physical movements place the body under extreme stress. These are highly intense and the teachings here present themselves in practice in tolerating unusually high levels of discomfort and understanding the functions of the mind and the emotional state whilst this is occurring. This can correlate with life in general. The more we expose ourselves to these scenarios in a safe environment; the more prepared we are for life, instability and unpredictability. Again these extreme levels of discomfort and uneasiness have the potential to be amazing teachers of the relational self.

NOTE: All of this may appear extreme, but please know that all of these processes require time and exposure is always insisted to be incremental. One is not ‘thrown in to the deep end’; but rather taught and exposed slowly as to how to understand oneself; the workings of the mind, attention to increasing physical conditioning slowly and moving with one’s thoughts rather than against them or fighting within one’s mind. The entire process requires careful attention to each breath taken, to every instance of pain or discomfort and to the entire process within itself and outside of itself. For this reason it is necessary that exposure is expressed at a leisure that promotes understanding and acceptance of self. Stages of learning and adaptation are implemented at a rate that promotes inner growth and greater understanding of the entire process.

The strength of this program actually lies in its simplicity, it’s continual exposure and it’s repetition over time. Regular attendance is crucial to successful intervention. Once a facet of life or one’s own inner progressions become apparent it is effortless to gain greater insight in to purpose and awareness.

MRC Training is conducted in Perth, Western Australia. With 12 years experience in coaching, philosophy, physical health & conditioning and the cognitive health areas coupled with being a keen observer of human behaviour and being a ‘student’ of life Stef implements this program in such a way that promotes individual maturity, awareness of self and personal inner growth. To find out more details please email:

NOTE: That this form of training differs greatly from traditional physical training. It moves beyond that and prioritises the occurrences of the self whilst undertaking physical activity.

NOTE: That MRC training is not to FULLY supplement any other training program in and of itself, but rather compliment other training programs both physically and psychologically by enhancing all facets of life. For further insight in to details surrounding this please contact Stef.

“Pushing our limits centres itself around knowing yourself enough to get in to a place that screams discomfort. Discomfort is often fearful, but immense discomfort is where one finds their true selves and develops their truest potential”. Never cease to pursue this… SS.

Don't quit - The Labyrinth of LIfe - Stefanos Sifandos

2 Responses to Mental Resilience Conditioning – MRC Training

  1. Leah says:

    But I didn’t want to think differently or to know myself more!!!

  2. Lori says:

    Is this a regular program that is offered? Accept insurance? Requirement of patient/student?

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