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Saturday 01 September 2012 – The truth behind Sodium Fluoride

As a people we must be made aware of what is ‘sold’ to us and provided to us by large corporations who deal in food production and distribution. It is imperative we are educated on the ingredients that goes in … Continue reading

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CLICK HERE to obtain a paper back copy or an e-book of The Labyrinth of Life, by Stefanos S. Sifandos accompanied by exquisite photography by Jose Garcia.  Dearest blog followers & supporters please allow me to officially introduce to you my first published book… This book … Continue reading

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Thursday 30 August 2012 – Balance: We don’t have it…

There is great merit to this article. The unfortunate aspect of some of the statements of this article that they are absolutely correct. BUT, there is a caveat attached to this. They are correct under the assumption and the simultaneous … Continue reading

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Hay House – I Can Do It Conference – Sydney 24-27th August, 2012

A complete weekend of imparted wisdom, wonderful people and opportunistic networking. The book signing was extremely successful and the conference with all of the key note speakers were absolutely enlightening. It was a weekend full of the unexpected and full … Continue reading

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Tuesday 28 August 2012 – Another perspective

The article attached to this post explores some of the reasons for our current state of being and also observe action which is occurring to alleviate this imbalance and restore homeostasis within the context of a sociocultural sphere and an … Continue reading

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Sunday 26 August 2012 – For when you feel there is nothing left to give or receive…

Let’s all perceive, think and feel beyond what the reality of our immediate environment provides us with. Lets expand our conscious reality through openness of being towards what our immediate senses lack to understand… SS. In the busyness of our … Continue reading

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Friday 24 August 2012 – At what cost???

How can we have such little foresight as species that we lack the intelligence to understand the importance and interconnected nature of our life sustaining ecosystems. In the pursuit of monetary wealth, an outdated cultural framework and profits we destroy … Continue reading

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