Sunday 03 June 2012 – A resource based economic model

An interesting article emphasising sound and practical transition options and pathways towards a resource based economic model. Most transitions towards difference in one way or another are not smooth. The main cause for this is that as people we have tremendous difficulty dealing with change and (in this case) moving from one sociocultural platform to another is often met with fear and apprehension. We would rather stay with what we are familiar with (whether it works or not, whether we are suffering or not) than risk change which may lead to more suffering. This is illogical and absurd by most cases and involves the egocentric self holding on to what it knows which is false self identification with the current set of external circumstances. Great minds such as Eckhart Tolle, Carl Jung and many Eastern sages, swamis and mystics speak of this attachment, false self identification and self creation based on the external. Consider infinite possibilities as the space that fills your life. If you come from this space digesting foreign or what may appear to be information that you think is not possible becomes palatable. SS.

How can we get there?

world hands

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2 Responses to Sunday 03 June 2012 – A resource based economic model

  1. Thank you my friend, this potentially new model of operation would restructure our individual and collective values and place us in space of inclusivity and collaboration rather than isolation and selfish exhibits of behaviour from the vast majority of us… Thank you for taking the time to comment and read. SS

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