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Saturday 08 June 2013 – Vaccinations

It is imperative that as parents and as conscious beings we query our sociocultural practices. As a Western society we heavily involve ourselves with vaccinations. Do we really know all of their ingredients? What are the sincere long-term affects of … Continue reading

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Sunday 13 January 2013 – Microwave ovens

Below is an article outlining the basic functions of a microwave oven and the way in which it ‘cooks’ our foods. The jury is still out but basic science would indicate that microwaving food at particular settings and temperatures is … Continue reading

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Thursday 18 October 2012 – GMO???… NO!!!

It confuses me, it bemuses me and it concerns me deeply that there are people of power in position that dictate our collective survival. These are people that are astute business people, doctors, scientists who work for multi-national corporations in … Continue reading

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Tuesday 17 July 2012 – Cinnamon – Another power food!

Win back your health! Realise the benefits of foods and nutritional herbs and spices that exist which can make an immense difference to how you live. Counteract and combat the fast food – full of preservatives – full of artificial … Continue reading

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Friday 13 July 2012 – Aluminium

Detoxing our bodies from the impurities that are in our atmosphere, our foods, our soils and our water is necessary. What is perhaps more important is attacking the cause not the effect of this. For this to occur on a … Continue reading

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Tuesday 03 July 2012 – The slow death of bees

We have discussed in length the integral part bees play in our world. We must now continue to respect the interconnectivity of life and how this functions. We must realise that if we (as humans) are to play the role … Continue reading

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Monday 25 June 2012 – Super foods

There is great value in familiarising yourself with foods that are beneficial. The health and wellbeing of our physiology depends on the integrity of the foods we are putting in our mouths. Educate yourself in what is beneficial and what … Continue reading

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