The First of Many

Here you are able to purchase a copy of my first book:

Intrinsic ideas, ancient wisdom, fears, doubts & joys.
A journey of Passion & one of Inquisition…
Daily thought processes & life’s everyday questions.
A passage through all that is & all that is not…

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The Labyrinth of LIfe










This book represents a journey through the maze and mysteries of what life holds. Each aphorism conveys a deeper thought that may lead not only to exploration of self, but also a whole exploration of the world external to our own minds. The beauty lies within the realm of thought-provoking text. It is truly a beautiful experience if one has the ability to pause and reflect on the interconnectivity of what life presents.

This book is about our collective journey as a human race. It begins and ends with query and curiosity. These powerful aphorisms entice you to think deeper about the world around you and the world within you. This subject matter and at times esoteric query is diverse, yet you will be able to relate to the innate wisdom found here through conscious and unconscious familiarity and its strong relational component.

Our Western framework and culturally constructed clutter has occupied our lives to the point where the ability to contemplate deeper truths about our existence has become lost within mechanisms of unnecessary and forced survival. This book allows the individual to absorb deeper thought processes and realisations about the way in which the world operates.

Visual Aesthetic

The visual imagery you will experience with The first book of many is original and powerful photography by Jose Garcia. This will be the circumstance unless stated otherwise. Jose’s approach to photography is unique and empowering to the reader. He is able to capture all of what that particular moment has to offer and more. His technique provides the observer with feelings of direct experience and being immersed in the actual moment of that image. This visual aesthetic is to accompany a running thought processes that for the majority has been created to challenge our beliefs and ideological thought structures. This blissful marriage of both written word and powerful imagery is here to stir the fire within. May you all enjoy the way I deeply have the photography of Jose Garcia.

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