Friday 10 February 2012 – Economic, social, environmental & cultural disparity

There must come a time in all of our lives where we question our beliefs, our cultural practices, our origins, who we are, what we do and our relational nature/nurture. The reason I strongly use the word must; is because we (as a collective, integrated and now more than ever a well connected global community) have reached a point in our existence that if these questions are not asked and our current set of dominant cultural practices are not observed with such intent to change the paradigm in which they operate within; as a humanity we reach a point where the Earth (the foundation for all existence) crumbles beneath our very structure. How does this translate to the common (the common being you and me)? As time tick tock’s across a universal understanding of duality; the disparity between “rich” and “poor” increases drastically. The sick are becoming sicker, the poor are becoming poorer, the incarcerated are becoming more, and the list goes on… Some may say this is a reflection of population growth, but if we look deeper in to this we see percentiles per capita are on the increase and this tells are ruthless story of a self created existence that we have the absolute power to change…

The reality is, as a society engaged in current dominant cultural practices such as the obsessive pursuit of money, power, prestige & wealth at the extensive degradation of the Earth; this path is impossibly unsustainable. It is simply not geophysically or bio-socially viable. Our ideologies must shift in order to be more inclusive with a greater respect for equity and the ecologically connected nature of every living beings existence. There comes a time when we must realise that the intrinsic nature of every living organism is present, and that every living structure has a crucial part to play in the healing and maintenance of this life supporting planet.

I truly feel if we all had to be honest though, the vast majority of us would be on the same page in regards to equity and the way we live. For a brief insight to an alternative click here. This may lead you to further enquiry and understanding. There is great division on our Earth at the moment. Our leaders seem to focus on national economic gain alongside some light tokenistic gestures thrown towards ecologic preservation and human equity. This is not viable and is actually destroying our existence and lives as we know it in a very rapid way. The connectedness of every person is so powerful that it can at times be overwhelming, but what can we do?…

The answer to this is deep, complicated and very long. This is not initially promising and is mainly due to the fact that as a whole we are currently and overtly “not on the same page”. But there is also absolute hope and we can start somewhere and this start is truly  meaningful. It begins with awareness. Please refer back to the first sentence. To gain awareness we must be inquisitive and choose to ask questions. Question as much as your faculties can absorb! Your existence, your purpose, your place? Why is this done this way, as an example: why are these processes terribly inefficient compared to the alternative that is not being utilised in regard to various production methods? Questions such as these and much more lead the individual or group to know themselves, to understand the world around them and to be closer connected to the culture of our society. It is not for me to tell you what is “right” and what is “wrong”, it is for you to come to the conclusion of what is suitable and sustainable for yourself and this Earth. Seek and seek well for our time and time itself is limited. When future civilisations are looking back to our epoch, what may they say, what may they think and what questions may they ponder about who we were and how we treated ourselves, each other and the living world around us ??? SS.

degrading earth

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