Sunday 02 December 2012 – The loss of yet another revolutionary

It is sad that there are so many individuals and groups that are talented in their own right  and that sincerely wish to change our current global situation have been ignored by the masses for far too long… Our current global experience or phenomena has been compounded over time via sociocultural norms and values that have infiltrated our beliefs and behaviours as mass population. We are not naive to believe that for a moment that these referenced individuals or groups are perfect or are always truthful to themselves or even others, there will always be some level of hypocrisy or contradiction in today’s society, it is somewhat unavoidable. Please do not be naive to this reality. What is evident though is that organisations and individuals such as the Zeigeist Movement, Ron Paul, The Venus Project, Joe Rogan, Inclusive Democracy, wake up world and many more all wish to engage in social transformation and all wish to assist others in identify with the social pathology that is taking place today by their own means of communication.

It is sad to lose ‘freedom’ fighters such as Ron Paul. I am hopeful though that he will continue to defend the essence of human and all living being right via means of alternative platforms other than politics. I am also hopeful that as current leaders of these positive social movements step back a little, new leaders and voices emerge. Voices of the masses who are screaming loudly for change for we are beginning to realise strongly that the current method of cultural play is not suitable nor healthy to the longevity of this entire planet. Greed, power, outdated socioeconomic and sociocultural systems of operation, governance and law are being sincerely questioned. The revolution began some time ago. It is now time to actually elicit real, meaningful change. This change begins with you, with us, with me. It begins by altering your frame of reference and frame of mind. It begins with query, it begins with action, it begins with inclusive awareness of self and of our environment. It begins with taking action upon our thoughts of change…

Learn from those before us, pass on their teachings, immerse yourself in their wisdom. More importantly, find a quiet space and immerse yourself in your innate wisdom of what is intrinsically ‘right’ for you and for your fellow living being… SS.

If you have not seen this, below; Ron Paul quit the political platform last month. A sad day for the free thinking world, a bright day to celebrate a human beings tireless fight for what he believes is right… Do his work and the work of many justice by engaging in your own free thinking and stand strong and defend what is inherently right for all living beings, and that is equity and compassion…

Ron Paul Quits..

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