Friends & Special Interests

The Zeitgeist Movement
Zeitgeist Australia

The Venus Project
TED Ideas
Apogee Photography
Positively Positive

Sustainable Energy Now
Swami Rama Teachings
The Zemerge Project
The Singularity Hub
The Resource Based Economy
Activist Post
David Icke
The Intel Hub
Vigilant Citizen 
Wake up World
Raw Story
Author Stand
Inclusive Democracy

One Green Planet
Waking Times
The Healthy Home Economist
Care 2 Make a Difference
Laura Bruno’s Blog
David Wolfe

Sea Shepherd
European Society of Dog and Animal Welfare

Soi Dog Foundation
Bali Animal Welfare Association
Magic of the ordinary
Arigna Gardiner
Gary Yourofsky – ADAPTT
Mind Body Green
Slavery Footprint
Global Rich List
Ecological Footprint

Carbon Footprint
Reasonable Consumer guide
Your Health Profile
Life Expectancy
Elephant Journal
Collective Evolution

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