Friday 09 March 2012 – What you think you know…

A compelling and at times throughout, a controversial documentary revealing information that is not always disclosed to the general public. Like many of these like minded documentaries; the message is quite clear: If change does not occur to the way we behave as a global humanity, if the dominant sociocultural paradigm does not veer off its current path then we will lose all that supports our existence. Beyond this I believe that it is our lack of awareness towards the intrinsic aspect of not only ourselves but the world around us which weighs heavily in the pursuit towards positive betterment of self and action. Contemplate the importance of intrinsic awareness and how this is beneficial to all that you may know… One final question, for serious and meaningful change to occur I have always been of the belief that to elicit dramatic and drastic change, extreme¬†measures are required. This does not necessarily imply violence or death (but is also not discounting this), but it definitely implies a radical change of direction form the action that is being taken now against the application of our current cultural practices. SS.

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