Sunday 20 September 2015 – Technology & Morality

I was resting in bed last night and I was contemplating various current global calamities and situations. Some of the familiar statistics are that we spend ‘X’ amount of dollars on weapons, or ‘X’ amount of dollars on subsidising established socioeconomic practices such as the oil and gas industry, which (as a collective and from a perspective of hard science) we very well know is causing long-term ‘permanent’ damage to our life-support systems (Earth), yet as a society we either passively (via bystander apathy) or actively still engage in theses ideologies, beliefs and practices, why?

Firstly, let me caveat by stating that this is an extremely complex and integrated subject, too long for a short article. The purpose of this thought process is to not reduce a complex conversation, but to provide insight in to a balanced paradigm that is all inclusive of all states of human consciousness.

For information sake the US spent over $600B USD on military related activities in 2014 alone and 7 other countries combined spent over $600B USD that same year. This is very interesting considering and according to Jeffery Sachs to alleviate poverty globally would only cost about $175B USD per annum for the next 20 years. This is just one example of many. This article is not so much about the functionality, practicality and science behind making mass, collective cultural changes at that level, but rather the inhibitors behind the action necessary to transform our ideological and practical sociocultural and socioeconomic paradigms…

Lets take a brief step back. The title of this article is: Technology and Morality. We have the accessibility, technology, innovation and inspiration by many to make and create the transformations we need to in life in order to rebalance our current ecological and cultural states (bring homeostasis back to our ecological areas and alleviate famine, poverty, disease and war – just to name a few), but the action we take is usually slow, masked with bureaucratic red tape and driven by economic priority and corporatised self-interests. We can see the world (in some aspects) crumbling before us, we have the answers, yet we do not take meaningful, rapid enough and substantial action in order to alleviate ecological as well as sociocultural pollution. Why?

You see, our innovation and technology is increasing exponentially in its functionality, accuracy of assessment of our exterior/external environment but our internal, inner moral development is not growing at the pace and at the rate of our technological advancements. We foster tools that we simply do not not how to use effectively. We are not using the tool of technology and innovation to its maximum potential because we as a collective society (enough proportionate mass to make a tangible difference – tipping point) simply do not know how to…

We do not know how to because our moral compass is not expanding to be all inclusive. When we speak of morality here, we are speaking beyond simply interactive ethics. We are referring to an all encompassing, all world centric / Universal centric view that is well adjusted within and further, has an understanding that allows us as a humanity to respect deeply and recognise the intrinsic nature and value of all living beings inclusive of ourselves (deepened self-respect). We move beyond a selfish or nationalistic/cultural perspective and begin to legitimately include and observe the value in all living beings. In turn, what this process allows is a view that legitimises the necessity to value all living components of this Earth for we realise that if we do, the level of wellbeing we personally experience as individuals increases.

We cannot simply provide energy to the world derived solely from renewables or alleviate hunger, war, the military industrial complex, plutocracy, disease and poverty with grand innovation (that actually exists now by the way), without shifting and transforming our inner state of being and recognising that our inner development must take place and must be prioritised alongside our innovations; in order for our exterior lives to reflect inclusivity, harmony, balance and abundance for all.

It is not a matter of how can this occur, it is a matter of realising that our inner state must be balanced with our outer state for a legitimate and sincere transition to take place. A problem occurs when our access to technology increases exponentially and our cognitive-moral-spiritual-psychosocial frame of reference gets left behind and does not develop at the rate it needs to… The problem is the manner in which we perceive and understand and utilise the technology. Nuclear power (lets address the ethical and practical concerns another time) for example can be used to provide needed energy to many who require it now or it can be used to destroy whole countries and ecosystems alike… When our morality lags, we become ignorant, unaware. It is like a 1-2 year old child wielding a gun; s/he has not the neural functionality (physical capability) nor the cognitive development to understand what they are doing with that object. Their experience is limited to their cognitive-moral capacity (exposure and expanded interpretation of that experience). They don’t even have language or the mental faculties to explain good/bad – killing someone or not. Collective society today knows no better than to continue the same path it has for some time, hence why our collective social progress is slow.

Make no mistake, we are evolving as a species and there are many out there in the world that are morally developed enough to make a difference, we need more, that tipping point needs to occur and it will only occur when we begin to look deep within ourselves and choose to transform our behaviours from exclusivity to inclusivity… When we do this, we will grow and our living circumstances will transform dramatically… S. Sifandos.

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