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Thursday 12 September 2013 – BIG Questions

There are some big questions that are not fully answered as yet. The question I have is that if these big questions are deeply understood from an intellectual vantage point would that grant advantage for humans in the pursuit of … Continue reading

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Tuesday 04 June 2013 – Our minds can sense the future

This study called “Predictive Physiological Anticipation Preceding Seemingly Unpredictable Stimuli: A Meta-Analysis” shows that your mind actually has an energetic reaction to the future before it happens and before you are even aware of it. They concluded that ” the results … Continue reading

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Saturday 11 May 2013 – Extend your life

Extend your life. Is this possible, do we want to go down this path? What are the implications of extending our lives 10 fold? How would this reality alter our belief systems, how would this possibility alter our behaviours, ideologies, … Continue reading

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Wednesday 20 February 2013 – The human condition…?

We live our lives in segments. We fluctuate between various states of conceptional awareness (space and time continuums). When we choose and are in part conditioned to live regularly in the past and in the future, does the known feeling … Continue reading

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Saturday 10 December 2011 – Nano technology & energy

This 10 minute clip could revolutionize our society… This is amazing, but you know what, there are so many revolutionary technologies in existence which are placed in hiding. Why? This is ultimately a detriment to our society. This is due … Continue reading

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Tuesday 27 September 2011 – Empathy and humanity’s direction

Has the clutter of our culture divided our ability and potential with our current practices and behavioural patterns? I wonder where we go if we droped the facade and beocme us again? I wonder and simultaneously wish… SS

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Monday 27 June 2011

A palindrome reads the same backwards as forward. This video reads the exact opposite backwards as forward. Not only does it read the opposite, the meaning is the exact opposite.. This is only a 1 minute, 44 second video and … Continue reading

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