Tuesday 28 August 2012 – Another perspective

The article attached to this post explores some of the reasons for our current state of being and also observe action which is occurring to alleviate this imbalance and restore homeostasis within the context of a sociocultural sphere and an individualised dynamic. I do not outright disagree with the reasoning and explanations in the article and in fact agree with much of it, but I am also open to exploring other vantage points and avenues. Whilst I personally do my best to be inclusive of all ideologies and perspectives I also often believe (like the nature of this website) that there are various factors and/or causes that lead to particular states of being. Hence the great belief in our interconnected nature and that nothing in this world occurs on in singularity but rather is highly relational in context. I also prefer to steer away from what may appear to be conspiracy theory ideologies. Lets observe this phenomena from this angle. Many people shun away from conspiracy theory statements, this is actually unfortunate because there can definitely be truth embedded within these frameworks, but what is important is the change that is required. We must place our focus on the change and the positive outcome of these changes. The goal of building awareness is to be as inclusive as possible and gather the masses in order to elicit meaningful change, for this to occur we must get as many on board as possible. Everybody has different learning styles, beliefs or adaptations and are attracted to different ideological and philosophical positions. We must appeal to the broadest range whilst still (and always) engaging in the truth.

Here is another perspective that may attract other individuals and appeal to their personal sense of justice… I believe part of our situation has stemmed from a system implemented by society that has spiralled out of control due to various factors. Some of those reasons are due to elite control, greed, the hunger for power and the false prioritisation placed on the monetary system as a superior system of sociocultural function. Many of these occurrences have occurred and impounded over time and moulded much of what we experience today within this cultural dynamic. Is it purely due to money hungry tyrants who pull society like puppets on strings to serve their great master plan? I believe not, we would be giving a small group of people too much credit and I think they are not that equipped and intelligent. We look at the petrochemical industry, we look at fluoride, we look at poisons in our agriculture (big business), we look at this and more and we can deduct that there are secret or great forces which are trying to control us by making the greater general public ‘stupid’. Perhaps. Or we could also look at it from a vantage point of what is occurring is the natural by product of a system which governs or society which is inherently also flawed and which naturally promotes this behaviour. Human nature being what it is (highly adaptable) has capitalised (no pun intended) on the inner workings of the system in order to survive (basic innate and instinctual function). Then why not everyone you ask? When you live in a world (in part which consists of) a finite paradigm, it means that there is only capacity for certain occurrences. Hence a reason why some capitalised and most did not. This possible explanation is actually quite complex in nature and although here it is presented simplistic in its expression, I feel it provides a stable foundation for some to connect the dots and explain some of our sociocultural dynamics and inner workings.

The point being made is that rarely does anything occur in singularity. The outcome will be fed to from various reasonings, occurrences and functions. Believe only what you feel and experience within your own realm of existence and knowing. Know this though; if something is not working and intrinsically feels awkward, it’s usually an indication that something is not right and requires attention in order fro meaningful change to occur… SS.

2012 And The Great Awakening

be brave with your life

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