Sunday 20 May 2012 – Mercury: Its origin, use, causes & consequences

We continue to use well known and documented poisons to “fix” (in abbreviated commas because we actually do not fix but covertly perpetuate) our problems or to provide a solution to a need. We clearly have alternative sources of substance that has the ability to fill this need, yet we do not utilise this. Why? In essence the answer is driven by our monetary paradigm and the primary economic system which governs our social structures. We are so attached (at various levels) to our current way of life that inherently; our conscious and unconscious behaviours scream lowest cost / highest profits. The unfortunate results of this attitude are serious. Often irreversible degradation to the environment, severe health issues, deaths, cancer, exploitation and more. If we put aside the need to pursue money and rely on money for our survival and simply focused on: “What is the safest way to achieve an objective in the most integrated and ecological way possible?” we would set our behaviours on a different track. I am not insinuating that money is the root cause of all global issues, although it plays a HUGE part there is more at play. Our underlying attitudes, the way we treat each other, our perceptions, beliefs, awareness, priorities & relational ideologies. All of these factors affect our cultural conditions. We need to look at what we are doing and ask: “Does this action serve me in the highest possible way and does it serve my fellow living being and the planet now and later”?

If we do not carefully consider our actions now, then when? SS.

Mercury Undercover 


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