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Thursday 26 September 2013 – Holistic health

Regarding physiological health the following may apply… As our metabolic outcomes are the result of our sensory experience and the way in which we perceive those experiences. Regarding the way in which we ethereally evolve, the following may apply… The … Continue reading

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Wednesday 21 August 2013 – Rob Schneider on Vaccines

Education and awareness is key to a healthy body… Actor Rob Schneider Warns Of Government Mandated Vaccines  

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Monday 19 August 2013 – Technology

3D printers are becoming extremely popular these days with their ability to print weapons, musical instruments, toys and a range of nice to have gadgets.  However, the latest use for this amazing technology is lending its ability to heal… 3D printed … Continue reading

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Sunday 28 July 2013 – McDonalds…

One of many examples of a fast food culture that is obsessed with ‘junk food’. Thankfully the world is awakening and a new cultural obsession is sweeping the world. Alongside affluence, the necessity to engage in healthy practices is sweeping … Continue reading

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Friday 26 July 2013 – Cancer in a can

This is one of many examples of the common staple food diet of the Western Consumer… We must be made aware of what we are ingesting. We are causing harm to predominantly ourselves, our loved ones and the Earth. We … Continue reading

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Thursday 28 March 2013 – Monsanto

We must educate ourselves, not as individuals, not as a collective society, not even as a humanity, but as custodians of consciousness… By not acknowledging, or not creating a  sincere space to where we can educate ourselves and create and … Continue reading

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Thursday 14 March 2103 – Cannabis as a vegetable

It is absolutely astounding how well we all have the capacity to live, but we do not? We have the ability to live healthy, fruitful, clear lives but choose not to, why is this so? Is it because we, as … Continue reading

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Saturday 19 January 2013 – Supplementation & Considerations

Supplements in their contextual sense may have a lot of benefit for an athlete or individual who would be utilising its purpose, in other words, someone who is active enough and recruiting and engaging the necessary adaptations in order to … Continue reading

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Sunday 13 January 2013 – Microwave ovens

Below is an article outlining the basic functions of a microwave oven and the way in which it ‘cooks’ our foods. The jury is still out but basic science would indicate that microwaving food at particular settings and temperatures is … Continue reading

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Thursday 30 August 2012 – Balance: We don’t have it…

There is great merit to this article. The unfortunate aspect of some of the statements of this article that they are absolutely correct. BUT, there is a caveat attached to this. They are correct under the assumption and the simultaneous … Continue reading

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