Why is why so important? There are a number of reasons why asking why and questioning the mysteries of life has great intrinsic value. The apparent obvious is that one just may find what they are searching for. And if you never ask you are never able nor open to receive. Secondly by asking, we are creating. We are creating a wish to know, the journey along the way to knowing (whether one attains this knowing or not should really not be the primary objective) is filled with wonder and enquiry; with joy and with deep contemplation and rich experience. It is all of this and more that provides us what we are actually searching for. Thirdly, we become what we are through sincere enquiry, without this inquisitiveness any progress whether it be spiritual or other becomes void and the capacity to learn and to actually become is hindered greatly. Careful though, whilst seeking please do your best to not be attached to the outcome or the process. Understand that a distorted compulsiveness to know can also lead to suffering. Remember to always accompany inquisition with patience, timeliness and an engulfing clarity. It may not always be the ‘right’ time to ask why, if we are emotionally fragile, asking why can lead us down a path of self destruction… At times (prior to gaining the insightfulness of why) it is of greater benefit to ask: who am I and what can I be now?… If timed correctly these questions carry’s the empowering energy of positive growth and personal enhancement…

Ask, ask anything you wish, for a life to be well lived, a life must be full of query…

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