Monday 06 August 2012 – Easier said than done…

The article below represents a reality that is hidden behind a veil of ignorance. This ignorance is created purposely to deter the masses from the fact. These facts are simple: what we consume and digest is slowly killings rather than sustaining inner health. Why? Simply put, it is far more profitable.

The second last paragraph speaks of change and how to stop big business shackling the everyday person to a poisonous drip that is never ending. It makes clear suggestions that the ‘consumer’ can do to basically decoy big business and their products. And in essence by doing this we may change the ways and practices of big business food production so that it benefits the end consumer in all ways. In part there lies great truth in all of the suggested methodologies. The reality however runs its roots far deeper than individual change alone.

Let us closely analyse what may truly be required for what ultimately and essentially is mass sociocultural value, practice and behavioural change. Please note that these canoes are not leading towards a ‘Utopian state of being’, but rather are steps towards change and would be part of a transitory period moving away form current practices.

What is required is a collaborative effort from the following parties:

1. Individuals: this includes, consumers, citizens, basically the masses. In direct reference to these circumstances if we change our purchasing practices we change the dynamics of the industry. This is what the article references, I believe this to also be true. Unfortunately the reality of this is far from being enough.

2. Government bodies and leaders must change their practices and legislations surrounding the amount of autonomy, power and access granted to corporations. For too long have corporations controlled government bodies with their money and bribery. This bribery comes in the form of lobbying and on the governments behalf is extremely short sighted in the world views. It only perpetuates their presence in parliament or government, key issues requiring attention are not the priority but rather “How long can we stay in power for?” Alongside this lobbying only serves individual corporate agendas which usually revolve around profiteering and monopolising their chosen industry. This is intrinsically wrong and serves the best interests of profiteering and a select ‘elite’ few…

3. We place to much belief, value and strength in the monetary system. This ill placed faith replaces what is important. That simply being the integrity of our ecosystems and the well being and health of all living beings. The cultural practice of the pursuit of profit and power takes precedence at any expense over health. This is intrinsically flawed and counterintuitive to our own instinctual survival.

At present we are part of a ‘democratic’ society that utilises governing bodies to direct the overall wellbeing of the masses. If the people do not have the ultimate support of the governments then change is elusive. If the governments are not pushed and pressured by the people then change is also elusive… SS

How The Orchestrators of Choice Make You Believe In The Illusion of Food Branding


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