About the Labyrinth & why the difference?

“The blissful & balanced marriage of intellect, critical thought, emotion & deeper spiritual & Universal understanding is key to inner peace & raised consciousness…” SS.

To ask why is to ask of ones purpose and existence. As human persons who pace through this journey we call life we often blink so fast and so frequently that we miss the opportunity to actually realise the potential of our existence and the opportunity to learn from each breath we take. Imagine a world where every conscious thought was intimately linked to a known purpose and deeper understanding to the functions and life systems of this Earth and beyond in to the grandness of this natural Universe? If consciousness was to have a rest from the cultural clutter that has been self created, and a current focus on abstraction was placed upon existence; the functionality and expression of this Earth may be quite different. So, in essence this website aims to provide the platform for question, inquisition and the resources to lead the individual along their own personal journey.

Let us all take a journey through the winding labyrinth of life and expose every part of our beings to truth, clarity and an understanding of a singular reality (a oneness) beyond our current level of consciousness… In this website, you will be exposed to the author’s own personal writings and art forms. Alongside this you will also experience an eclectic compilation of wisdom from various individuals and groups throughout history and throughout contemporary times. The purpose and reasons for this website are two-fold. Firstly: to engage the reader deeply and spiritually, and secondly: to bring fourth  awareness to the news, events and information circulating the globe that is more than often overlooked by mainstream media. The difference between The Labyrinth and between other wonderful and informative websites is that the author of The Labyrinth will often provide personalised insight and thought provoking (often controversial) conversation alongside each informative piece of information.

Whether in the format of a documentary, article, poem, mythology or personalised experience; the priority and greater purpose of this website is to elicit inquisition, critical thinking, a deeper sense of spiritual connectedness and feeling within each reader.

This is further exemplified through the wonderful and varied sources and authors (referenced) The Labyrinth utilises which can be found on the world wide web. For this; we should be extremely grateful that there are so many gifted and driven individuals and think tanks out in the world that believe in equity, true justice and the opportunity for all to know truth. The Labyrinth considers itself as one of these purveyors of truth, hence the yearning to expose the reader to as much useful and beneficial information as possible.

You, the reader should question and personally investigate ALL information that crosses your path. By no means should you accept as complete truth the information presented here either. Expand your knowledge and awareness by following links, chasing informational trails and researching deeply the subject matter that intrigues you most. By this course of action you will reach a point of inward resolution that satisfies your hunger for knowing.

If you feel something resonates with you deeply share this with all that you know as this website shares information. This can be shared through avenues of social media, the internet and word of mouth. If you have any specific queries you can go to the CONTACT US page, we would love to hear your thoughts. For more about the author of this website please click on this link: Stef – Brief Bio

“Enjoy the enquiry, enjoy your journey…” SS.

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