Monday 20 April 2015 – Consciousness: The nature of reality

What is real, what is not? Are we to solely rely on our physical senses to determine what is ‘real’? If were to only allow our physical senses (taste, sound, touch, visual, auditory) to drive our perceptions and interpretations of reality are we still not limiting the infinite nature of reality? Our senses have limitations, for example without external, we cannot observe atoms, let alone quarks… Are quarks the smallest building block of matter? We (humanity’s understanding in this realm) are yet to confirm this… There is a great teaching here though… This teaching does not revolve round ‘knowing’ or confirming via scientific deduction or methodology if there reduction or expansion has an ‘end point’, but rather understanding our existence from a vantage point of what is infinitely possible.

Our perceptions and interpretation of our inner and outer world determine our belief systems and these belief systems lead to the manner in which we experience reality and multiple¬†levels. As we discover underlying driving realities, as we evolve our collective perception of what is real, we learn to that there is so much more than meets the eye… If we take this premise as true, that perpetual development and evolution of self is a given, we allow ourselves to observe our reality from a place of openness, rather than limitations.

We simply need to acknowledge that there is more to reality and the nature of reality than what know to be ‘true’ now. These terms, truth, reality, knowing; they are arbitrary by meaning. They hold validity, until another discovery is presented that displaces that truth… This is truth. The more open we are to accepting that reality is evolving, and ever-transforming, the more a greater expansive really will continue to present itself… As we observe, we create, as we create and manifest, we are able to experience depth of Universal wisdom… This stems from an understanding that we are not static, that we (reality and all that it encompasses) is not rigid, but rather expansive and fluid… SS.

consciousness experiments

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