The Labyrinth’s Disclaimer

Posted on are several authors writing on a variety of topics and subject matter sourced from many diverse areas. The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by these authors on this website do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the labyrinth of life or its proprietor.

The information contained on this website should in no way substitute professionally qualified and accessible advice, it is purely informational and thought provoking only. Readers therefore must assume total responsibility for any and all actions taken by themselves or their representatives upon their behalf in relation to any opinions, information, materials, products or potential services offered and presented via this website and its proprietor.

It is the objective of the labyrinth of life to present a balanced and broad perspective derived from a myriad of sources and view points on subject matter pertaining (but not limited to):

-Sociocultural issues
-The unconscious mind
-Geo political issues
-Economics and finance
-Uplifting and positive happenings
-Positive change – both outward and inward
-History (natural, ancient, technological, cultural)
-Futuristic global applications
-Social movements (current & past)
-Technology & design
-The scientific frontier
-Geological exploration
-Psychology & behaviour (all aspects of)
-Emotional states of being

-Relationships (to the perceived other & to self)
-Great minds
-Spirituality and Spiritual practice
-The animal kingdom
-The natural environment
-Ecological issues
-Health, wellbeing, nutrition & disease
-Strength & physiological conditioning 

-Physical resilience via means of greater psychological awareness
-The Universe
-Cosmology & astronomy.

The purpose of the vastness of subject matter is to allow the reader to understand the interconnectivity of life; and that nothing occurs in isolation but rather in ecological connectedness.

It is also of note that all articles/blogs/documentaries/videos/clips or other sources of information not prepared originally, directly or personally by the labyrinth of life or its authors are referenced appropriately and sited accordingly with direct links provided to their sources. Credit to these external and more than often wonderful authors is always provided.

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