Friday 12 June 2015 – State of Play

Inspired by the necessity to transform deeply… Below is a suggestive framework for moving forward as a humanity… We have choices. Our choices are present, they are here, they are now…

As a humanity we have arrived at a time and space in our sociocultural, spiritual and ecological evolution that requires deep attention. This attention must be accompanied by a sincere intention and in fact one may argue that our intention as a collective species cohabiting this Earth has greater value than the attention we must pay to current and encompassing circumstances. It is our intention that lays the path before us, it is our intention that will continue to define who we are, who we have the capacity to be and the quality of the life we lead and live.

There are a multitude of transformation that must take place at an ‘individual’ and collective level that must take place in order for us to transition from the catabolic, destructive trajectory and path we have laid out for ourselves. This article is not centred around negativity, or destructiveness; it is not centred around a focus on cataclysmic events. It acknowledges the reality that as a humanity we have made and continue ti make (from a mainstream collective vantage point) choices that are not aligned with the optimal health of the individual, the larger group or the Earth – our life support system (Psychologically, physically, ecologically, spiritually and emotionally). We must recognise deeply where we have come from to know with truth and clarity where we may have the capacity to go… We must embrace our collective shadow self; what C. Jung called the collective unconscious. It is here that all that we know, all that we have, all that we are becoming rests.

If we can come from a place of recognition and shift our intention that aligns with an action that is conducive to global health at all levels, that considers strongly the mantra of sustainability in all of our actions; that accounts for transparency in our interactions; that demands a long-term view of all of our cultural practices and that initiates a living and purpose that supports, promotes and prioritises efficiency, life, health an attitude of what is best for our life support systems and global connectivity, not what is best for short-term profits?

Embracing wall that we are as a humanity and not masking or excusing our actions of today and of the past is the first integral and crucial step to becoming whole. If we move towards wholeness, we become less fragmented as people and as a society. Our connection to what supports our existence becomes inclusive and strengthened. No longer is Earth excluded from who we are; our disparate fragmentation has lead us to make decisions as sovereign nations, as individuals, not taking in to account the very real fact that we are deeply interconnected and that the integrity of the whole is reliant on the integrity of one. We have been behaving as sovereign nations, where we really must be behaving as sovereign Earth, blinded by a common interest… The flourishing of life, the yearning to move in to the most optimal state of being and express our highest infinite potential in every facet of existence and life…

Yes, our path and opinions may differ here slightly or even greatly, but if we truly share a common goal, all is achievable. The thoughts expressed here are nothing new. A resource based economy outlines a possible path forward quite well, with deep detail. Is it the best way or only way forward? No. Is it better than what we have now, where we re exploiting our resources for a priority of profit that serves no longevity in our action? Yes. But before any of this may transpire, our humanity, or rather as individuals, we require a deep reality check. That reality check must begin with the following:

Firstly, we must evolve and evoke our relationship to self. We must begin by asking deep query of who we are. We must awaken the authentic leader within (more on this later – book to be released 2016/2017). When we awaken the leader within, we are connecting our most truthful self. We are then basing all of actions not only on the benefit of us, but selflessly, for the benefit of all…

We must broaden our view of inclusivity. This must include our life support systems and all that we know to be relative in our lives. We must consider Earth and our genuine and authentic relationship to self as the most important. If we cannot go deep here and be prepared to face ourselves as who we are, we may never be whole. And if we continue to operate from a fragmented platform, the quality of life we live will be lessened…

We must then evolve our relationship to each other. This is crucial if we are to survive as conscious, aware and intellectual species. If we begin to treat each other with greater transparency and respect, with greater foresight, consideration and empathy we would realise that with out each other, we don’t exist. That with out each other our lives are bland and non-eventful. We grow and expand through our relationships. We must be inclusive of the manner in which we engage each other. When we move away from segregation and move towards cohabitation we evolve ourselves deeply.

The article below outlines what we have done to ourselves, the Earth and our future. At present our mindset is temporal, it is limited and it is narrow. It is so, because the internal models by which we engage each other, ourselves and our cultural practices is distorted and misaligned. It is not aligned to life, but rather our focus is placed on the short term profit motive. What we focus on expands. This article is not against money or even the monetary system. It is requesting a newly defined intent that may take humanity to a greater place of understanding, equanimity and love. This can only occur through collaboration, insightfulness, willingness to be whole and own all parts of the human sphere… SS

The Labyrinth of Life by Stefanos S. Sifandos

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