Inner Strength Conditioning & Awareness

An Overview…

We reach a place on our winding journey of life that presents us with two choices: Do or simply be… It is what we do with this information that shapes our path but more importantly drives the direction of our souls. Inner strength training is crucial to any level of success on a spiritual and physical plane. Part of this inner work can present itself in the form of high intensity physical training. If one allows themselves to be present and focused, this high intensity training can take one to a place of betterment and peace. It is through this tremendous pain and discomfort that tremendous depth may be realised about one’s character, passions, strength of will, levels of determination and more. These intensely difficult series of experiences have the ability to shape a persons drive and enhance one’s ability to reach a higher place of knowing and inwardly directed balance…

The suggestion here is not pure austerity practice, for this is not the only suggested path to higher consciousness. What the partaking of intense physical activity allows one to experience is self discipline and clarity. There are various paths to tread to reach the summit of a mountain. This is simply one path to allow one to reach so far. Immerse, practice, feel, observe and YOU decide…

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