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Sunday 28 July 2013 – McDonalds…

One of many examples of a fast food culture that is obsessed with ‘junk food’. Thankfully the world is awakening and a new cultural obsession is sweeping the world. Alongside affluence, the necessity to engage in healthy practices is sweeping … Continue reading

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Thursday 14 February 2013 – What is in your ‘fast food’…?

It is imperative we educate ourselves on what is productive and constructive for our bodies and minds, not what is convenient and fast… When we begin to explore what it means to be healthy and for what reasons, we realise … Continue reading

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Thursday 02 August 2012 – Will we ever learn!?!

After years of research and evidence showing the detriments of certain chemicals used within agriculture and food production; our profit driven society continues to immerse itself in what is toxic, poisonous and ultimately deadly! This is not difficult to understand; … Continue reading

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Saturday 07 July 2012 – Poisons in our foods

Awareness and education is the first step. Taking the step to make the change for ourselves and set the example for others is the next step. Prioritise your values and you ultimately prioritise your freedom and right to health and … Continue reading

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