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Saturday 08 December 2012 – Morality – objective or subjective?

We are at a phase or epoch of human development where we must question our actions as a collective. Now more than ever we have come to realise that as a connected people we require our values, morals, behaviours and … Continue reading

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Wednesday 31 October 2012 – A comprehensive picture of humanity

A comprehensive and encompassing view of the human condition. A systematic analysis from one of the greatest minds of this era, Jacque Fresco. A deeper understanding of where we have come from, our social and personal evolution and a deeper … Continue reading

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Saturday 13 October 2012 – Animal activism & Veganism

Gary Yourofsky is revolutionary in the way he approaches this serious systemic and cultural issue that plagues our Earth and society today. His approach to this information and the way he imparts the information surrounding the argument for moving towards … Continue reading

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