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Friday 09 August 2013 – New Discoveries

It is amazing that as we grow as humanity inwardly, the remarkable new discoveries we make outwardly also grow with us. Perhaps as we are becoming more aware of our collective potential and sincere humanity, we are discovering more about … Continue reading

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Tuesday 21 May 2013 – What is real

An absolutely amazing article!!! This is revolutionary at every level of existence. Take the time to read through this extensive breakdown of our reality, what it is, where it is going and how perception and all in our field of … Continue reading

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Tuesday 14 August 2012 – Biology of Belief

A wonderful documentary on genetics, epigenetic function, biology and the importance of the perceptive faculty in relation to how we create our reality as human beings. Bruce Lipton is an innovator ahead of his time and has been in the … Continue reading

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