Saturday 07 February 2015 – The Human Condition – Love, Death, Loss & Gain

Recently a very close friend of mine had experienced what so many experience in their lifetime, but what so many of us are never really prepared for; the physical passing of a loved one. How do we prepare to detach emotionally, spiritually, physically & mentally from what we know to form such a large part of our existence, our world, our reality…? The circumstances of this passing were prolonged, deeply painful on multiple levels and extremely tiring and energetically draining for all involved. On various levels of being, the suffering was deep and the passing from a set vantage point was necessary as many of us would perceive these circumstances to be extremely unfair, painful and not ‘humane’.

Whilst this story is in honour of a beautiful person, a person that fought with every last breath and gave their all to their family, who embraced beautiful truths during their lifetime and gave themselves fully to this world; providing loved ones with wisdom gained beyond the ages, This story has pivotal meaning and substance at so many levels that it would be an injustice not to admire their being and flesh out some of these beautiful truths and leanings, wisdoms and gains that can be extracted from situations such as these, so that we may all grow collectively as a humanity and recognise our truest of paths now in the moment and in the now… Essentially, this story is story of discovery through query… This story is not specifically about one person, but what this one person represents, what they have given to so many through this journey. This story is on the symbology of what death & ‘loss’ means to most of us and what experiencing pain means to so many of us and importantly how we can observe the beauty and necessity in all situations… This story is about the entanglement and interconnectedness that is our existence…

Let us begin with emotions, they are an interesting internalised interactive play; they are intertwined with our everyday existence and it is one of humanity’s strongest forms of communication. It is how relate, learn, grow, protect ourselves and evolve to some degree. Emotions govern the manner in which we move through this world, the way in which we react to certain sets of circumstances and how we reflect deeper inner thoughts and feelings, connect and understand. When our emotions combine fully with our mind, we are able to feel. This intuitive feeling is what resonates our highest truths, what we know to be real and what assists us to grow and learn from every situation and experience we encounter in life. The more we feel, the more we develop our acute sensory awareness to align with our highest values and truths.

Life plays out in a polarity. Where there is perceived loss, there is gain and vice versa. Where there is perceived wrong, there is right. Our emotions though are generally conditioned to experience, focus and interpret only one side of this polarised play. Perhaps an evolutionary function, perhaps a function of our cultural conditioning, perhaps a combination of both or more. The truth is emotional reactions are generally sharp and they come in hard, with little disregard for peaceful observation of the entire situation.

Beyond this simplistic view or model of understanding our cosmos (both inner and outer) it is imperative we understand at deep levels how we grow and connect to truth though our experiences. We asked earlier, how do we prepare for death, or loss or such pain? This is a legitimate question, what is the answer? Are there am nay answers to this question? Does this question have an answer? There are also other questions to ask ourselves. What does it mean to be human? Why are we here to experience such deep pain? What does pain represent? How does death and loss serve us? How can we grow and be inspired by what is ultimately a given in life? The quality of the questions we ask ourselves determine the quality of the lives we live…

Let us move towards answering some of these questions by understanding gradually certain conditions of the mental and emotional faculties that assist us in getting the absolute maximum potential life has to offer and we have to offer life… When we refer to conditioning, we refer to exposure of a particular experience. Our minds and our physiology, once exposed repeatedly to an experience or a philosophical disposition is actually exposed to a deeper knowledge or wisdom, understanding and comfort around that particular experience. When we ask deeper questions of our existence, all facets of what makes up our lives slowly becomes exposed, opened back to a raw state and understood. With this understanding comes the ability to realise and recognise our interconnected space, we gain insight where previously insight did not dwell. Imagine an ‘infinite’ vessel (that vessel represents humanity’s potential – your potential – understanding, function, insight, direction etc), what fills that vessel (completing its function) and continues to fill that vessel is our ability to peel back layers of our experiences and observe them from a holistic vantage point. At times, this can be extremely challenging, difficult, confronting and painful. It is here in these moments of pain where innate value can be extracted. Where pain can teach us so much about who we are and what life is truly about… We then can take our consciousness to the another level of knowing. Pain, as pleasure is a necessary aspect of life, of living. But understanding its place with great awareness, intention and attention can ease the emotional discomfort, attachment and disorientation that comes with certain experiences.

We almost feel a sense of relief as our level of understanding is deepened by increasing our knowledge around all facets of our existence. We know, not superficially, but deeply that for existence to be full and real it must also be all encompassing. This includes experiencing all facets of life and moving through these spaces with integrity and the willingness to be exposed to various levels of being.

The pursuit of happiness as an emotional state or hedonistic attainment is often misunderstood. There are many interpretations of what happiness represents. Often, the pursuit of happiness is the pursuit of a single sided version of reality. This is not in reality possible. As the reality of polarity is one that governs this physical existence. When we embrace this, when we understand this and when we feel this truth, we evolve… This does not necessarily and always mean that life will be easy, that we will become emotionless beings – embracing a ‘zombie’ lifestyle. It means with a focus upon learning about who we are, we are able to transcend conditioning behaviours that do not serve us or those around us… We are able to realise the beauty and necessity in all experiences and we are able to transition through particular experiences with graciousness and love…

I wish all of those the strength to query one’s life, we won’t always get it ‘right’ with resonation, but if we persevere we will be exposed to learning and wisdom beyond our imaginations, and that is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and humanity… Remember, beginning of something new is often brutal, yet beautiful… It is understanding and embracing this that makes life appear very different… SS.

Much love to my dear friend, may the winds of query and silence take you to a place of enlightenment and deeper awareness that you may then be a beacon of inspiration for all those on the path to greater wisdom and fulfilment… 

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