Saturday 20 December 2014 – Unification

The video embedded below is one of great significance. When we are able to observe the allegory and the parallels draw towards a unifying consciousness from the essence of this short 12 minute video we are embracing what this video is truly about.

On a number of levels it is about one individuals inner journey. Though his own experiences as young child, the circumstances by which he was born in to this world has defined who has become. This has shaped his overall approach to life; the various and unique interpersonal cultural lenses he adopts when viewing the world; the manner in which he interacts with the world and importantly his behaviours, his attitude of resilience, focus, determination, creativity and persistence. All valuable and applicable behavioural traits that promote our ability to interact with the world and be part of this world to the fullest of our infinite potential…

What is inspiring about this video is that if we allow our perspective to embrace the outer reality of what is occurring beyond the personal journey of this individual, we are able to observe a series of experiences that lead strongly to unification. No doubt, the environment by which this young man (Willie Burton) has influenced strongly the way Willie moves through this world and in addition, the way Willie then influences those around him; but there is something deeper occurring here, something connected, something unifying and something inspiring…

When we watch this video on face value, without a great deal of context or reference and of course we realise that a very specific story is being portrayed we notice one young person’s journey through life, struggling, but persisting. This in and of itself is beautiful, it pulls at our emotional heart strings and there is great value and wisdom to be gained from this alone. As written above, virtues exhibited such as determination, persistence, focus etc if executed with intention and attention have a great ability to evolve, make wiser and shape the person towards higher consciousness and deeper understanding… But lets look beyond this…

The powerful parallel here lies in unity, in working together, in supporting each others growth. It is fairly certain that every person Willie encountered was in some way touched and moved not only emotionally but ideologically and through their own observable consciousness. Throughout Willies life, although he has needed assistance, he has also been independent. Here we can view the story of the humanity. We are own our personal journeys through life, but we also rely on the Earth, on each other to play out this physical existence and evolve our entire beings to one of great understanding of our cosmos. We do this collaboratively; we do this through supporting one another; through being selfless we learn deeply and evolve our consciousness and conscious behaviours; we realiseĀ truth and we we recognise that the path to any form of enlightened state is by adapting to our environment. That environment is one of awareness of ‘others’, self and all living beings…

Our Earth; our sociocultural systems; our economic frameworks the way in which we interact at macro levels is not conducive to that of collaboration and support and generally, if it is, it is to satisfy some priority surrounding economic doctrine. Our priorities as a humanity must shift greater towards understanding and embracing the value of assisting each other to grow = assisting ourselves to grow, develop, stride, strive and evolve with greatness. If we assist each other, are aware of surroundings and the importance of our psychological and natural environment we will reach a place we our collective values shit towards each other and the importance of simply being.

When we pursue evolution with intent and attention and with the other in mind; realising deeply that the other is simply us, we will behave, act and move in such a way through this world that we cannot help but evolve with greatness and unification… That is powerful, that is meaningful and that is truth… SS.

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