Friday 17 October 2014 – Deeper & Hidden Contemplation

As you watch the video embedded within this article, I would like you to contemplate something deep, something beyond simply observing a very talented individual exhibiting great physical prowess; exceptional bodily control (both within and of an external object); elite ‘fitness’ and conditioning and an array of other attributes that drive this individual forward.

I would like you to observe something deeply spiritual about this entire video. I refer to spiritual here as the ability to express ourselves in our most natural state. And that state is a state of truth, where we are living our highest values, what is most important to us and what lights the fire of inspiration deep within us…

There is so much more than tremendous physical ability here. It has often been said by legendary artists of their sport (boxing in this case) “that the fight is either won or lost well before the night of the fight”. But what does this mean exactly, how can we transcend that ideology or outlook to everyday life, to our own interpersonal and intra-personal experiences?

Firstly, we must observe layer by layer and allegorically what this video represents. Yes, there will be a subjectively interpretive measure applied by each individual, but I am certain that if you look deeply you will find relevance and reverence to your own life. You see, as human beings we are connected in such a profound manner that we share very similar experiences with one another, what inspires you, may not be what inspires others so deeply, but what is important here is that we all have an infinite capacity for empathy. This is key to understanding each other, growing together and leaning from each others unique experiences and making them our own. It also allows us to relate and connect and with this connection an unstoppable force may be generated so that we can further evolve and give fully to our reality…

Besides physical practice, what else is required for this individual to articulate and express this skill? Do we all wish to be mountain bike riders? No. Do we all wish to traverse or climb mountains? No (but there is deep, evolving value and benefit to spending time in the mountains and/or with nature in any capacity). The point here is that this young man is exhibiting behavioural and conditioned traits that can be applied to all areas of life and living. We all have the capacity to evolve, grow or transform our cultural practices; mind frame; thought process and the way we interact with each other… Reflect upon the hours and hours and hours of practice involve dot attain this level of skill. Importantly the psychological attributions that are attached to this practice… This video is an opportunity to peel back the layers and realise our greatest potential and ability as human beings… This is remarkably a connective, profound practice…

Courage; determination; practice; persistence; focus; realisation; sincere contemplation; living an inspired fruitful and real life, pushing one’s psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual boundaries to greater know and experience one’s self in fullness; thoughtfulness; mindfulness; the intense practice of present moment awareness and the gift that this provides ourselves and those in our circle of influence; the continual internal dialogue of self belief and battling with the polarity of life. All of this has been sparked from a sincere desire to live to true to what inspires this person. They are great, not because they are successfully competing physically challenging tasks (although this is a tremendous feat in of itself), they are great because they are being, they are truly living… Remember, there is no opportunity to experience the above circumstances such as the ability to exhibit courage without living, embracing and understanding fear. At some unconscious deeper level this individual has embraced and accepted fear as a real and necessary part of living, being and life…

For this is what we can gain from this video… We can gain the ability to believe in ourselves in what ever capacity. Whether it be being a parent, writing a novel, wishing to spend more time engaged in what you love, what inspires you. The end experience is not as relevant (of course just as important and connected), but what is crucial is the being. Are you living a full, inspired life? Are you spending time engaging in growth promoting, evolving practices that inspire you, that develop you, that contribute your reality in a meaningful way? Are you being true to what your soul yearns for? Are you asking the right questions? Danny Macaskill is living this life because at some stage and in some capacity, whether it be consciously or unconsciously he has asked himself some pertinent questions about who he, who he wishes to be, the impact he wishes to leave on himself (his own blueprint) and the world (his reality and connected blueprint).

The quality of the questions we ask ourselves determine the quality of our lives… For this reason alone it is important to preferably ask deep and relevant questions that have the capacity to shape a truthful, meaningful and inspired life… What questions are you asking yourself…? SS.

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