Monday 14 July 2014 – Shattering what we think we know

Absolutely moving…! Inspiring to say the least… As a collective the majority of us are conditioned by preconceived ideas or beliefs of what is possible or what should be, or how reality presents itself… As a natural byproduct of this process, we become entrenched in a limiting and perpetuating cycle of what we think we know or believe to be true or even possible.

Attached to this is a deeper connection of emotion that we link to these consecutive and habitual thought patterns that cause us to have certain beliefs about certain experiences, people, relationships, etc of our world… These emotional connections move to reinforce strongly these beliefs, hence when we attempt to transform our personal world view or attempt to defy what we previously thought was real we struggle internally both psychologically and emotionally, we often reach a place of difficulty and conflict, also known as cognitive dissonance.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with any of the conditioned ideas or world views many of us have as a cultural collective or as individuals… What is essential to our growth (at multiple levels and layers) is that we understand that world views, beliefs, ideologies, consequetive and reinforced thoughts are products of our environmental conditioning, interpretation of these experiences and the meaning we then add to these experiences… Some scholars and wise individuals would even call this process our karma. It is then up to us to transform our karma, by transforming our inner state of being and understanding of the manner in which our world flows… SS.

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