Thursday 08 July 2014 – Self-education

If we educate ourselves as to what facilitates optimal states of being, we are then propelled in to a status of ‘elite’ and we are empowered to be the best we can be… This status of ‘elite’ or infinite is not a status associated with ego, but rather a recognition of pure potentiality and an expression of our highest potential….

This ‘re-education (where we are remembering who we can be and who we have always been and re-connecting to our truest selves) process’ simply takes some time (repetitive exposure to these sequential series of events), careful attention and accurate intention intertwined with immense and focused patience leads us to a place where we may know ourselves in a circular, full and encompassing manner…

The pursuit of educating ourselves on what has the potential to make us understand life at deeper stages of existence presents at various levels. If we choose to focus on these areas, we increase our capacity to understand the inner workings of the Universe at such profound levels, that we have no choice but to exude greatness and meet our highest selves on the playing field of life…

The sociocultural level:
Proficiency; efficiency with our time; understanding the cultural values of not only one’s immediate environment but the environment of other cultural demographics, both past and present…

The outer/inner-relational level
A strong focus is placed on the quality of relationships one has with the ‘outside’ world. What can one learn from others, what can one really learn from oneself? Those we attract in to our lives are mirrors of our internalised self, our internalised perspective. What can we gain by spending valuable energy and time with others? What can we become and discover about who we are, we may be and how through contribution we can reignite our truest potentiality…

The physical
What can you learn through mastery of the physical body? The physical body is unique and yet connected vehicle that allows one to experience and re-expereince the Universe in a manner that has the capacity to transcend the physical in a transient manner… Mastery of the physical senses, the body and its functions, its digestive and neural integrity is in essence mastery of the unified field of reality… When we transcend conventional belief about physiology pertaining to human capability, we are destroying preconceived notions of the human experience that are not accurate and not transformative.

The psychological
The mind is a beautiful tool, powerful tool, an integrated and connected tool. But it is more than a tool, it is a gateway to the ethereal, to the spiritual and to the truth… Through the mind we can choose to understand our circumstances, the symbology of action, interaction, thought, emotions and the existence… The mind allows us to know and further understand our place. The mind allows meaning to transcend mediocrity… The mind is powerful, the mind has the potential to spread infinitely in to abundance. The mind is abundant…

There is so much to learn from the symbology, act and practice of love. Love presents itself at so many deep and superficial levels. Each experience of love has something to intrinsically sacred to offer… Love is the cornerstone of existence. Accompanied by meditative reflection love is so powerful it can transform the unknown to the known within ‘bunk of an eye’ moments… Love is here to teach every human being about how to treat themselves, others and the ecology which houses existence… Love is the servant and the master, love is real and love is pure. It is this purity that guides our breath…

It is imperative that as humans we realise one aspect of existence. That our potential is limitless. If we move within this space and come from this space of understanding, we begin to search and hunger for knowledge, wisdom, learning and growth. We begin to align our thoughts, emotional state and spiritual yearnings with our entire being. We create and feel balance within all areas of being and all levels of existence (psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual)… Are you ready to transcend the norm and express your infinite greatness? SS.

The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos Sifandos


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