Monday 16 June 2014 – Intelligence


Such an interesting concept. Intelligence has a broad meaning across so many varied facets of life. It is interesting to contemplate what intelligence actually is? There are so many questions that must be queried if intelligence is to be contemplated deeply and meaningfully… Are other attributes and human characteristics automatically a part of the integral make up of what constitutes intelligence? What application does it have? Is intelligence useful or even ‘real’ if it is not expressed or lies dormant? How could we then measure intelligence, and if we are measuring it, does it then assume comparability? And perhaps one of the most pertinent questions: Is intelligence contextual and/or situational?

This article observes the possibility that intelligence is measured in various ways and has identified 11 forms of intelligence that maintain equal weight when referring the possible expansion of human potential. Within the human sphere, intelligence represents an expression or expansion if you will of the human condition, of human potentiality and ultimately what it means to ‘be’ our highest selves…

Clear points to understand with regards to the 11 fundamental levels of intelligence are as follows:

1. All levels of intelligence will almost always cross over. This is the interconnectedness of life… No one ‘thing’ exists in solitude or without reference or dependency…
2. Understand that by intelligence I refer to an expression of self and understanding of a projected interconnected reality that adds value and has relevance and appropriateness to any given situation…
3. Intelligence always involves some level of acute self-awareness and the innate ability to express that when required.
4. Intelligence is more than just ‘having’, it is about owning, knowing and applying, with context, empathy and relevance…
5. The word intelligence is interchangeable with the words Knowledge, Knowing, Gnosa or even wisdom in this case. Traditionally, wisdom and intelligence or knowledge have been separated by a distinct, yet overlapping symbolism – here they merge as one and part of the greater human potential…
6. The varying expressions of intelligence can be displayed in unison

Fundamentally, the art of expressing intelligence lies in its ability to firstly express itself accordingly. This translates to the expression of intelligence being articulated in a timely, useful, appropriate and necessary manner. Which leads us to our first form of intelligence:

Situational Intelligence:
Situational Intelligence can also be known as ‘Specialised Intelligence’ and implies a certain intelligence that directly relates to a very specific set of circumstances. In other words, within that niche or or distinct area one may be an ‘elite, an ‘expert’ or exhibit noticeably high levels of knowledge or insight. Rather than breadth of intelligence, depth of intelligence is what is prominent. An example of this may be an individual who is a specialist in a particular field of scientific endeavour, yet when asked to complete simple or perhaps complex tasks outside of this domain, they struggle deeply. Note, that Situational Intelligence is quite different from situational awareness.

Creative Intelligence:
Creative Intelligence refers to a person expressing unusually high and distinct levels of right side brain activity. Here, one has a unique ability to involve themselves deeply with the abstract, with the creative, and with the ‘different’… They have diverse levels of relate-ability and have a conditioned (now innate) ability to observe layers within layers of any given situation, enhancing the quality of their problem solving skills and allowing them to express high levels of allegorical attention and deciphering.

The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos Sifandos

Analytical Intelligence:
Analytical Intelligence, can also be understood as ‘Interconnected Intelligence’ refers to an ability to deeply analyse a broad spectrum of ideas or a set of circumstances in a manner that observes the dependency of a cluster of individual variables, in which contribute to that surface outcome. The analysis presents itself in the form of having elite accuracy and understanding of an experience or situation where one, with high levels of Analytical Intelligence can (with haste) understand all of the independent occurrences/realities, relationships and variables that have contributed to that evolving end-state. This in turn deepens ones understanding of this reality…

Emotional Intelligence:
Perhaps one of the most intriguing forms of intelligence is Emotional Intelligence. Some would say one of the most powerful and important forms of human achievement. Here, an individual with high attuning to being emotionally intelligent understands the world in dynamic sociocultural, bio-emotional relationships, where at the highest end of this spectrum, one has a yogi-state awareness of self, is self actualised, can regulate their emotions, is highly attuned to the needs of others and can act on empathy almost instantly. One with high levels of emotional intelligence can observe a situation and diffuse it emotionally through acute psycho-emotional understanding. Here, the relationship with self is highlighted as something of great value and how one moves through day to day life is emphasised with care, empathy, high levels of awareness of the needs of others and emotional control through awareness of self. One understands the needs of self and others in order to achieve a balanced relationship both within and without. Equanimity and equity drives the actions and careful thoughts drive the behaviours of an individual with high levels of emotional intelligence. One has high analytical skills, self assessment skills, is conscientious of their surroundings, easily builds bonds and connections, can express love with ease and has levels of situational awareness. Emotional Intelligence involves and works with high levels of Communicative/Expressive Intelligence, Adaptive Intelligence and Social Intelligence for it forges these domains to act in an evolved state amongst all living beings and oneself…

The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos Sifandos

Adaptive Intelligence:
The ability to exhibit high levels of adaptability and resilience to diverse situations, experiences and events. To problem solve effectively, navigate through and understand deeply diverse situations. Here, competency and comprehension exists in many different domains of life. Adaptive Intelligence is almost the opposite to Situational Intelligence. Adaptive Intelligence is exhibits a great and sound understanding of diverse circumstances, but is not quite exceptional at all of them – more than adequate though to navigate through with a more coherent understanding than when first encountered. Those with adaptive intelligence are ‘all rounders’, they are not specialists. They also have levels of applied situational awareness. They know a little or a fair amount about many facets of life… They are not limited to a funnel of knowledge, but rather a bucket…

Practical / Common Intelligence:
Practical/Common Intelligence refers to one’s ability to be highly competent at mechanistic problems. This form of intelligence can also be understood as ‘Mechanical Intelligence’, for its focus lies on having a mind that is practical in its cultural application. The best way to describe these people are exceptional puzzle solvers. They are the MacGyver’s of the real world. They have an uncanny ability to solve problems or issues in an unconventional manner, by being creative with the tools they have and the equipment they have access to. They are able to achieve an objective in a very unorthodox manner if required. Their ‘outside’ the box thinking allows them to excel at building structures of any size. They almost have an innate, natural understanding of Universal, biophysical principles of existence; from basic to complex principles of mechanics, science, mathematics, etc. They are equipped with this knowledge without being able to reiterate in via language associated with these disciplines. They simply know, they know well and they accomplish well…

Physical Intelligence:
Here, one has mastered their body. In order to be here, in this space though, they have had to master their mind. They have elite levels of body Awareness, they have attuned mastery of the human body and the physical being. Pedigree examples include: Gymnasts, elite athletes, yogi’s, practicing ascetics, elite soldiers, those who have mastered the ability to persevere/ignore/detach from deep and intense levels of physiological pain. At its peak, Physical Intelligence is about understanding the body in such a comprehensive way, that one defies human principles and common physiological laws. The relationship with the physical is so intense that high levels of physical manipulation can occur at any moment.

Social Intelligence:
Those with high levels or apex levels of Social Intelligence have an uncanny ability to connect with people. They are social creatures. They thrive on being in small or large groups and they achieve their best when they are in groups. This is simple. Social Intelligence thrives on one’s ability to connect in a social dynamic in such a way that this individual contributes meaningfully almost beyond measure to that group. They can be considered social enigmas and have an ability to connect with varying personality types, diverse cultures, differing mental states, peoples with varying beliefs & extreme view points, diverse religions and they will connect extremely well with what may appear to be highly  dysfunctional persons. Social Intelligence is the building block and foundations for creating progressive, advanced and self-aware society’s and is closely linked to Communicative / Expressive Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence.

Communicative / Expressive Intelligence:
An individual at the apex of this form of intelligence simply speaks the ‘language’ of many. They are persuasive, clear, concise and can communicate with almost anyone. They have a profound ability to connect not only through language, but whatever means necessary to communicate a message across to another party. They understand the other/s deeply and know intrinsically what to communicate, when to communicate and how to communicate. They are moving in the way in which they understand the world around them. They are naturally tactful and know how to produce a win/win scenario for all parties involved. They are not manipulative, for this is not their motive, although it may be perceived as manipulation. The art here is communicating in a manner that appeals to the other. They have tremendous listening skills, they are passive, active and intentional listeners. They are sincere and wish to solve people’s perceived problems. It is because of this intention that they are supreme in this form intelligence. This form of Intelligence draws strength from Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence…

The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos Sifandos

Theoretical Intelligence:
Theoretical Intelligence is intelligence that has great value in the Western world, under a western construct of what is important as a functioning human person in modernity. There is great value in Theoretical Intelligence and this value lies in one’s ability to read, to absorb information, to process it thoroughly and to spread this valuable knowledge to others. Here understanding the information theoretically, within the mind is valuable, then being able to express it with clear Communicative and Expressive Intelligence is also necessary. Those with Theoretical Intelligence have tremendous memories and can grasp theoretical and abstract concepts with ease in a seamless manner. They have a powerful ability to understand working frameworks and build upon these so that those with high levels of Practical Intelligence can utilise these frameworks and express them in the physical world. Those with high levels of Theoretical Intelligence provide the frameworks and pave the pathways for great exploration in to the unknown realms of the human sphere – the yearning to discover and the lust to engage in theory drive these people…

Spiritual Intelligence:
Spiritual Intelligence is deep, it is interconnected, it is unified and represents the deep connection humanity has to Earth, itself and the Universe. Those which posses high levels of Spiritual Intelligence or wisdom are deeply entrenched in the art of meditation (connection to ultimate potentiality), they are connected to all that exists and their understanding moves beyond the physical realm and in to a realm of what is mystical to most, but highly cherished to those with deep insight in to the connected and unified field of existence and reality… One with this intelligence realises that we are all connected, the entire Universe and that a concept such as the butterfly effect has great relevance and reverence in the life we choose to live… One with great Spiritual Intelligence understands deeply the inner workings of the Universe, purpose and reasoning – comfort in simply knowing is the norm and empathy and the ability to connect is high on their skill set. Spiritual Intelligence at its peak is the art of connecting and the path to pure enlightenment…

It can be observed that there are many forms of intelligence. I am certain there are more, but I would confidently state that most can be grouped under the above forms. All Intelligences interact with each other at some point. No form of intelligence is superior to another. Specialising in one or the other is a form of habit, sociocultural conditioning, practice and belief. I believe it is highly beneficial to maintain strong levels of competency and awareness within all levels. We are interactive, diverse and interconnected beings that play the game of life at many many levels. Gone are the days of the purist or the highly developed specialist… Diversity, breadth and depth in understanding of our inner and outer world is the ‘new black’… SS.

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