Tuesday 25 March 2014 – Thoughts on life…

I am a big believer in the inter-connectivity of life, this all means that the mind and emotions and body work in unison and rhythm with each other, they are in fact essentially one… With this in mind, no event happens in isolation… Let’s consider this as we explore the following…

In life at times, we often are distracted by what we consider negative, arduous, difficult or encumbersum. The mind and body revert to instinctual mechanisms of survival and we literally move in to what is known as ‘survival mode’. This not only affects our physiology (nervous system function, organ efficiency, etc), it also affects our emotions and mental state. These distraction bring about imbalances in our perceptions and in our 4 bodies (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual). With these distractions, our perceptual focus shifts and our view or observation of life becomes skewed to only ‘one way of being’. Our perception are therefore lopsided and not a true indication of what life really is.

The impact this has on us is detrimental to our health at all levels of the body. Our goal is to realize and live the following:

1: The inter-connectivity and importance of all of life… Noting occurs in isolation…
2: That balance in perception of our circumstances and events is essential in order to maintain equilibrium and homeostasis within… Which lends itself to an almost peaceful nature within and greater, broader understanding of our lives… This then equates to resilience and an increased capacity to make choices as we are essentially wiser…
3: Identify our highest values – what is truly important to us? Know this deeply, live this fully, breathe this eternally… If we are not sure what this is – we may refer to the study of axiology and there are certain processes we can adhere to that can assist us in identifying clearly what these are…
4: Live our lives according to our highest values – This is a true life. If we can do this whole heartedly then we are being true to ourselves and eliminating in internal friction caused by the disparity of living a ‘false’ or unfulfilled life…

If we spend the time and the energy in mastering ourselves, our Universe and the manner in which our entire being behaves in the space we find ourselves in, then we are not only evolving but rather re-establishing and re-realizing our infinite potential… SS.

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef SIfandos

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