Friday 07 March 2014 – Death

Written for one I love deeply…

Firstly, a perceivingly complex subject matter that can run far deeper than the words written here… Secondly, I wish to not offend anyone, but only offer an alternatively view on one of life’s miracles… And thirdly, keep in mind that it is our collective and cultural conditioning that has prepared us to approach death in a certain manner, undoing this (if one feels the need to) can take some time and reconditioning of the mind…

I have written about this subject matter several times before. It always makes for an interesting conversation.. Death is so taboo in the Western world… The majority of Western culture, whilst idolising sex has repented death. The East on the other hand has embraced death and repented sex… An interesting dichotomy of sorts, regardless that is a separate conversation for another post…

This post will deal with death and the way in which many of us perceive and accept death in to our lives… We can intellectualise the process of physically dying as much as we like, it is one of those ‘life experiences’ that are generally highly emotionally charged… We use terms such as ‘passed on’ or ‘passed away’ because we struggle at times to say die or death… When we know we are losing a loved one or perhaps we know we are dying ourselves we often become emotionally charged to the point where it deeply and powerfully affects our thoughts, our behaviour and the entire way in which our being functions…

In all cultures and epochs through out history death has been loaded with symbolism. It has been understood in many different ways, and more than often misunderstood… Whilst death for many of us is sad (and it is wise to feel our emotions surrounding this life event), death is also a moment to rejoice and to celebrate – for life exists in polarity, not in singularity. To deny the simultaneous existence of the polarity of life is to deny life itself…

Please allow me to elaborate… At times death becomes so overbearing that we become almost constantly depressed. The death of a loved one can trigger deep emotions in us that last for such a period of time that is negatively affects our way of life, the way we function and the way in which we perceive our world… Our perceptions and perspective upon life determines not only our reality but the quality of life we live… When a loved one dies, we only tend to focus on all of their strong points, the beauty, the positive, the great about them, what we miss the most (in other words, a one sided view of their existence). Whilst this is absolutely necessary in honouring their memory, it can be detrimental to our psyche and emotional state if we choose to focus on only this and for lengthy periods of time… This grieving process is dramatised by the single minded view we take upon those we have ‘lost’… But have we really lost them per say?? 

Well in one sense we have ‘lost them’ (physically), but on the other side (polarity), their energy, essence and what they represent in our lives has simply transformed and transcended in to another form… What I am suggesting is that we establish a balanced perspective and understanding now not of death, but of the intricate and quite simple workings of life… Life presents itself in a constant flux of polarity. Two sides (or more) exist simultaneously at all times, we simply need to look for them, be aware of them an most importantly ask quality question, which lead to a quality understanding of life…

The subject of death is quite a sensitive one for most of us, especially when it is fresh in our lives it can be challenging… Challenge that presents itself in our lives is an opportunity for growth and personal evolution. I ask that we consider death as a beautiful part of our transition and realise the transformative power of death…  If we ask questions that elicit an answer that brings harmony and a balanced perspective in to our lives then we are on a path of greater self evolution…

– Why has death entered our lives, why have we attracted it at this point in time?
– What is the purpose of death?
– What is it exactly that we ‘miss’ about those that have died?
– Are we portraying a complete and balanced picture of who has died in our mind’s eye?
– How is understanding the role death plays in life going to assist in enhancing our wellbeing? 

These questions and more can assist us in preparing for one of life’s most enchanting moments… We simply need to view it that way and that is what it becomes…

Remember,what we focus on becomes our reality… What we focus on determines what we become… If we wish to become balanced, whole beings we must observe life without bias, but with an inclusive nature that demonstrates an understanding of polarity… SS.

The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos Sifandos

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