Wednesday 08 January 2014 – Ecology

It goes beyond beyond rules and regulations… A collective, value driven, deep evolution is required in order to move towards a state of homogeny with the Earth… Once our collective values shift towards those that align with a balanced view of self and ecology, then we shall work with nature, not against her…

It is our deep connection to Earth, that allows us to remain respectfully in synchronistic aptitude with each other and the multiple and complex life support systems that simply support our existence and all cultural activity… With this in consideration it is imperative we encompass an inclusive relationship with each other, ourselves and our projected world/s if we wish to live in harmony and connection. By doing this we allow our potential as humans and spiritual beings to flourish and express ourselves at the highest possible point… Operating from this posture is ultimately fulfilling our purpose, which is express our highest selves and realise that we are all one… SS.

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos – Ecology

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