Wednesday 25 December 2013 – Empowerment

It is often not until we let go of our emotional attachment to our perceptions of what and how we think the world should be, treat us, respond to us and be with us that we realise the true empowerment we actually posses in life…

We empower the externalities of this projected inner world by allowing people, places and circumstances to almost control the way in which we feel about ourselves and these specific situations.

It is not until we look deep within ourselves and begin the epic journey of query and question in search for higher octave truths that we realise this entire time the power we grant our external surroundings exists deeply within ourselves and can be accessed by simply reflecting and the sincere yearning to understand ourselves and be self realised…

Take what you will from the above, I simply had an urge to share with you this stream of thought… I typed as I thought and felt…

Christmas for most is a time of reflection, it allows those who engage in this cultural belief to look deeply within themselves and ask themselves one simple question…. How can I be of service to others and for the greatest good? When we ask this question with meaning and humbleness we open the pathway to inner creativity and this is where the magic occurs… Remember that cross culturally Christmas is simply symbolic of the time in which we remember togetherness, unity, connectedness and wholeness. Other religions, cultural norms and practices engage in other festive seasons where the symbolism runs parallel to this… There is no discrimination, only love and unification…

This is the power of collective meditation and connectedness… SS.

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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