Friday 13 December 2013 – Our truest potential and our connectedness

Why are we here? Why are you where you are right now? How have you come to this space? There are multiple obvious answers to this question… But there is one answer hat permeates an unheard and often unsung truth about our existence…

We are here? Simply, because we choose to be. Because we have manifested in every capacity every THING, every experience, every emotional construct, relationship and breath through our own overt and subtle intentions…

Intentions play a large play an integral part in the creation process. When we realise we are masters of our Universe, of the connected Universe, we realise that we are not connected to something greater, we are something greater… This construct is not egoic, but rather humbling and intuitive to realise we are what we have always been and what we will always be… Our cultured clutter hinders our insight in to who we are actually are. This reality is neither good or bad… Our task is self awareness, this is achieved through diligence and the pursuit of truth, of something that exists within and without us but lacks our integral awareness, so that it may flourish…

When we realise this immense truth, we become empowered with the ability to greater choose our paths and our specific experiences… When we embrace this truth, we realise our infinite potential and we own this… SS.

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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