Saturday 02 November 2013 – Trust

When we learn to trust who we have come to be (bound by our collective and connected experiences), we realise that it is trust that allows us to truly know ourselves at such a level that we have no choice but to evolve. When we trust in who we are, our convictions, our thoughts, our emotions, our circumstances and all that we consciously and unconsciously create experientially, we realise that it is trust that bounds us from be unaware, unknowing creatures wandering aimlessly in the dark to being aware, fully awake and conscious beings who realise powerfully that life is being created effortlessly and with intent from every thought we have…

When we trust in the manner in which we behave, we are releasing a truth to the Universe that screams certainty. It is this certainty that assists us in pursuing the experiential outcomes we wish to explore within this life. Trust is the connector, trust is the confirmation that we are truly ready to experience what it is we wish to. When we trust without doubt, when we connect our lives and their occurrences to our greatest visions and our highest values we are essentially trusting in our capabilities and we are trusting the outcome. We know that no matter what happens between now and our ‘vision’, we trust in the process and we trust in the outcome…

Trust who you are, society sometimes blocks who our creative paths, for they box us in to what we ‘should’ be… You ‘should’ be who you feel you need to be… Take the time to be quiet, to actually reflect on who you are, what you do, where you are going, what makes your life special NOW? Feel (trust) your way through life, believe in your intuitive and connected being, for it shall set you free…

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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