Friday 04 October 2013 – Connection

It is absolutely amazing how our sphere of perception influences our reality. What we are exposed to becomes us, we become that. When a ‘new’ experience or reality presents itself it has the potential to totally alter the way in which we observe the world, conduct ourselves, behave, think, and feel. We essentially become different to what we once were…

We must choose to focus on similarities and how these similarities connect us, not separate us. We need not be threatened by difference but rather embrace who we are essentially are. View this video for the beauty it depicts… Fundamentally and at its core this video is about two aesthetically different peoples connecting deeply as being sharing this planet… There is no indifference, nor right and/or wrong but rather connection to a source of life that is beyond conventional understanding… SS.

You can view the full version here.

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2 Responses to Friday 04 October 2013 – Connection

  1. per says:

    Hey, what’s happening with you? Last article was in 4 october. Any problem??? thanks…

  2. Per, hello, and thank you very much for your comment… Thank you for your thoughtfulness. All well, no problem at all.

    Simply for the first time in years time I have had to place my focus away from The Labyrinth and engage in other areas.

    I will be posting up something shortly though. Hopefully in the next couple of days…

    Thank you once again.

    Be well…


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