Thursday 26 September 2013 – Holistic health

Regarding physiological health the following may apply… As our metabolic outcomes are the result of our sensory experience and the way in which we perceive those experiences. Regarding the way in which we ethereally evolve, the following may apply… The acceleration of our spiritual growth is the direct result of the level of authentic attention and awareness we apply to the self, our created environment and all that we internalise. It is important to understand that all aspects of self both material and the apparent immaterial contribute holistically to who we become, and ultimately define the highest expression of self, or rather the ability to express the highest expression of self… Creating the circumstances that foster the ability to connect to one’s highest potential can only be achieved via means of acute self awareness, self examination, and a willingness to discard entrenched cultural clutter accumulated over the years via mechanisms of outdated, mainstream social values and belief patterns that are counter intuitive to one’s connected and integrated health.

To know oneself is to be understanding, patient and knowing of oneself. This knowingness presents itself in the form of an ideology that transcends humanistic behaviours and embeds itself in the realm of ‘ok’. It is ok to enter the abyss of the unknown (it is here if we allow it to that tremendous inspiration and realisation presents itself) and it is ok to not meet the perceived standards of others, it is ok to search and it is ok to appear ‘wrong’… It is simply OK… This ‘ok’ symbolises a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the Universe, it is a trust that transcends all doubt, all fear and all confusion… An acceptance that every action taken is an action towards collective and personal realisation and evolution… SS.

Inspired a conversation with a close friend… Thank you Stephen…

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos


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