Tuesday 03 September 2013 – The shift

Our collective conscious is shifting. In fact rather than shifting we are reevaluating our circumstances, our likes, our dislikes, our needs, our desires, our relationships, ourselves… We are identifying what is truly important, what has sincere value and what is required in order to live a truly meaningful and exotic life… As part of this process we are realising that notions such as: inclusivity, compassion, empathy and sincerity of deep care for our fellow living beings is of the upmost importance and necessity in order to grow together and reap the fruits of our integrated and connected consciousness.

Perhaps what is required is for us to STOP… Stop what you may ask? Stop, just stop. For several consecutive moments, let’s take a break from routine and do our best to step back from the world we are creating and ask ourselves one question…

“Is what I am doing, is what I am being, is the way I am thinking and feeling beneficial to the evolution of all that form part of the sphere of my own personal reality…?”

If we do this in a meaningful and real way, we shall connect so deep to our ultimate and infinite potential that the possibilities that will present themselves will be overwhelming, more so though we realise that the reality we once conceived to be so solid, so immovable is actually pliable and may be altered in the blink of a thought… SS.

Waking Times

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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