Sunday 25 August 2013 – Compelling

It is paramount we understand the possible consequences of our actions. When we observe any given situation or cultural practice that is dominant within our society, we must ask the role it plays in benefiting humanity, the Earth and all living biota as a whole. This question is important because underlying this question is an intention to prioritise a particular set of collective and individual values. These values find themselves amongst concepts such as: inclusivity, inherent understanding, long-term thinking, connection to Earth, intrinsic importance, collaboration, health, wellness, cognitive clarity, intuitive choice and overall growth and evolution.

If as a society we make choice that prioritise abstract concepts such as material wealth, industrial market presence, power and ego & vanity, we lose as a humanity. There is nothing wrong with pursuing money or profit or operating within the dynamics of our current cultural model. It is how this is done that is damaging to our social evolutionary processes. At what cost will organisations such as Monsanto go to in order to monopolise the industry of food (health, vitality, wellbeing)…? At what cost will they continue to pursue profit no matter what…? There needs to be balance, deeper understanding and connection to what gives us life and the opportunity to evolve culturally, socially, collectively and individually…. SS.

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