Friday 23 August 2013 – Freedom

Freedom… Do you value yours? What is true freedom and what face does it have in the world of today? How can the concept of freedom influence the way we think, believe, act and behave in this world and throughout our relationships? How important it is to you? Is it something earned or something innate and sacred…? Is globalisation and the technological era responsible for a shift in ‘freedom’ and of basic rights? Or has this always been this way but now presents itself in a different form? Perhaps external circumstances and global trends are not responsible for society’s current played out paradigm, but rather individual and collective choice, focus and perception is continuing to create a constrained world… On that, is our Earth becoming greater constrained, or are we actually loosening archaic mentalities and replacing them with fresh and free new frameworks of existence…? SS.

Internet as we know it is on its deathbed

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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