Monday 19 August 2013 – Technology

3D printers are becoming extremely popular these days with their ability to print weapons, musical instruments, toys and a range of nice to have gadgets.  However, the latest use for this amazing technology is lending its ability to heal…

3D printed casts for fractured bones will soon replace the old heavy plaster or fiberglass ones.  Jake Evill a graduate from Victoria University of Wellington came up with this idea.  It takes about 3 hours to produce and it uses x-ray and 3D scans to generate a 3D model in relation to the point of fracture to provide tailored support to promote the healing.

This technology is increasing in its capacity to revolutionise the manner in which we produce and consume as a collective culture. It is also altering the way in which we view the world by showing us that technology exists that has the potential to create greater efficiency in our already existing systems… SS.

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