Thursday 15 August 2013 – Avoiding pain

An interesting thought… Over the last 200 years our culture has developed amazing techniques to healing our selves. Modern medicine has developed technology that has stemmed from natural to synthetic experiments in the laboratory, which in turn have been able to numb pain, remove the sensation of feeling, render us unconscious and of course amongst nature and the laboratory substances exist powerful enough to end the rhythm of the beating heart with a fe millilitres of fluid or grams of powder…

With all of these advancements and all of these opportunities to save lives, have we throughout history and perhaps even now devalued and not respected enough the role of pain…? Is pain not one of our greatest teachers? Can we not learn so deeply, so profoundly, so enchantingly by experiencing pain and all of its multiple faces…?

Now I am not instigating open heart surgery or lobotomy’s for all whilst wide awake and conscious – being able to feel every moment…

What I am suggesting we contemplate is the following: has our collective culture and social norms become so obsessed with collective values and established ‘common practices of pain relief’ that the role of pain and what benefits it may provide to us has been lost to our consciousness? Stay with me here for a moment… Has the meaning we ‘should’ attach to pain been drowned out by the institutionalised negativity associated with pain, which has been created and permeated via our social norms surrounding pain relief? Have we gone to far with this process? Have a headache? Take a pill (pharmaceutical) to ‘mask the pain’. Sore back – anti-inflamatories, tight muscles – muscle relaxants. We do not allow our bodies to experience what they need to… Nature is far smarter and intuitive then we give her credit for… There appears to be very little meaningful understanding of the benefits of pain.

It is true to be said that every experience in life is balanced. For every elation, a simultaneous emotional deflation exists. Understanding this polarity assists us in understanding Universal laws with much deeper clarity. If we are constantly attempting to remain elated and be in a state of being which values avoidance of pain, are we not too much in one polarity with little realisation of the other? What outcome does this have for us…? If we experience pain in the doses we are meant to we evolve. We evolve because we  are granted the ability to experience and then via conscious choice we choose to reflect upon these experiences…

Let us not be so quick to avoid pain, there is much beauty in pain and in the process of pain. We simply must adjust our perspective to observe the value in this… SS.

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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1 Response to Thursday 15 August 2013 – Avoiding pain

  1. josephtotten says:

    perspective is the key word here

    yes, as a society we have a tendency to avoid pain. But given the evolution of our species i dont think that this is necessarily a bad thing… but the difference between good and bad is heavily dependent on the individuals personal perspective on things.

    Many years ago, all we had to do (as a species) was find food, eat food and sleep. But as we have become more industrial, our survival is heavily dependent on our ability to support others…. we no longer hunt or farm for ourselves, we trade our goods and services to support others goals for money to support ourselves. the demands on our time are heavily determined by someone else’s schedule. so if we experience pain at a time that interrupts our ability to serve someone else, then we dont get the rewards that we need to survive…

    so in the modern life, we soldier on so that we can continue to get paid so that we can continue to live. and there is nothing wrong with that… to a degree.

    This is where our perspective comes in. we have to understand why we are experiencing pain. we have understand what the outcome of the pain is. we have to understand the consequence of postponing pain. By popping a pill because we have a headache, we may be able to meet that deadline that we need to meet… but why did the headache occur in the first place? are we continuatlly getting headaches and taking pills for them?

    Just as pain itself is a fairly strong indicator that something is not right, so to, for the self aware, is the need for pain relief. if we look at the situation from the perspective that temporary pain relief is not a bad thing, but the need for continual pain relief is, then we can start to get an understanding of what we need to do to fix what is not right in our lives.

    the head ache pain tells us that we need to rest, that we need to rehydrate, that we need to slow down. if we cant do those things immediately, the pain relief can temporarily help us to do what we need to do… but we must realise that ultimately we will have to slow down and rest… because that is what our body is trying to tell us.

    There are times when we need to embrace the pain too.. the saying “no pain, no gain” is so true…
    -if we want to get fit, we have to suffer for it not only during our activity, but usually a couple of days afterward
    -if we want to learn, we must suffer for it by dedicating ourselves to studying when we would rather be doing something else
    -if we want to get that promotion, we have to suffer for it by doing things that we dont necessarily want to do
    … but after all that we need to rest… we can embrace pain to better ourselves… we can also delay pain for the same end.. but ultimately, we will need to recover from the pain… we need to recognise that this is an essential part of the pain experience

    sorry… i rambled a bit there… but hopefully my ramblings are mostly coherent 😉

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